Cooper Discoverer A/T3

Best all-terrain truck/SUV tire

  • Comfortable ride
  • Capable off-road
  • Good grip on snowy roads
  • Not very fuel efficient
  • Fair ice braking
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As an all-terrain truck tire, the Cooper Discoverer A/T3 has a tread pattern that delivers extra grip in the snow and mud, but trades off some tread noise and rolling resistance to get there. Reviewers recommend this tire for drivers who use their rig for a daily commute but still want to occasionally tackle a trail, saying it balances traction with a smooth ride. Cooper's pro-rated warranty is based on mileage, not length of ownership.


Balanced performance. Reviewers say the Cooper Discoverer A/T3 demonstrates stability both on and off the pavement. It's one of the top all-terrain truck tires on snow-packed roads, according to a leading testing organization, with excellent braking on wet and dry pavement. However, like most tires in this category, the Cooper does only a fair job of braking on icy pavement. Fred Williams, technical editor at Four Wheeler Network, calls the Cooper a "great daily driver tire," saying, "the tires did exactly as we had hoped and in many ways performed better than a more aggressive tire would have."


Smoother all-terrain tire. The more aggressive tread patterns of all-terrain tires frequently add a stiffer ride, but reviews say that the Cooper Discoverer A/T3 is more comfortable than most on the highway. One tester with says that although these don't have an exciting four-wheeling look, the Cooper is ideal for driving every day, saying, "They rolled smoothly and quietly, and the carcass of the tire flexed well and didn't have lumpy spots in it." At, one owner says, "They are a tad loud, but I'm perfectly okay with that." Another owner-review says the Coopers are "quiet, handle well, and actually feel like you have a 'stance on the road.'"


Mid-range life span. One professional names Cooper as a top brand for light-truck tires, and in a side-by-side test from a leading consumer organization, the Discoverer A/T3 demonstrates one of the longest tread lives in the all-terrain truck tire class. "After 7,000 miles, they show maybe half the wear that a BFG or General would," says a tester with Few owners report on life span, but numerous user reviews say the Discoverer A/T3 wears out in less than 50,000 miles. Cooper doesn't include a free-replacement period on the Discoverer A/T3; their treadwear pro-rated warranty covers the tires for up to 55,000 miles without a time limit.

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Josh Burns heads to a Cooper Tire testing facility to try out the Discoverer A/T Maxx, an aggressive off-road tire, and the Discoverer A/T3, an all-terrain tire. In their comparison the Cooper has better control and traction than the Toyo and BFGoodrich on a wet course.

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About two dozen owners review the Cooper Discoverer A/T3 here, rating it a 4.5-star all-terrain tire. The Cooper gets top marks for its performance on dry and wet pavement; owners say loud tread noise and poor treadwear are its weakest attributes.

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