Cooper Discoverer A/TW Review

Cooper Discoverer A/TW Review
Bottom Line

The Cooper Discoverer A/TW is designed to take anything the highway or the trail throws at it and keep trucking along. Reviewers find it terrific off road and on, in wet and dry conditions. It's also an above average performer on snow and ice -- and has earned the right to carry the snowflake severe weather mark to back that up. Reviewers grouse a very little bit that the A/TW isn't the least expensive tire you can buy, but allow that you very much get what you pay for. Cooper's pro-rated warranty is based on mileage, not length of ownership.

ProsComfortable ride, Capable off-road, Good grip on snowy roadsConsWet pavement braking is only average, A little pricier than some other tires

Breaking it down


Balanced performance. Reviewers are blown away by how well the Cooper Discoverer A/TW performs both on and off the road. All terrain tires sacrifice some on-road performance, usually, but not so with the A/TW. "With an aggressive tread pattern, I expected a loud, imprecise on-road experience," says Mike Schlee at "Yet, the AT/W continues to have an eerie amount of control and grip on regular streets." Four Wheel Network "purposely mistreated the A/TW off-road," but the tire shrugged off the challenges. Though it's not designed to be a mud tire, Ken Brubaker says "We were able to maneuver in thin, greasy, springtime mud with no problem and far better than a standard street tire." A true winter tire will perform better still on snow or ice, but Schlee says that the A/TW's performance on the white stuff is as close to that of a winter tire as he's ever seen in an all-season tire.


Smoother all-terrain tire. The more aggressive tread patterns of all-terrain tires frequently add a stiffer ride, but reviews say that the Cooper Discoverer A/TW is more comfortable than most on the highway. "We put thousands of road miles on the tire throughout the summer and found it to be a well-wearing, very smooth tire," Brubaker says. Schlee chimes in that despite the aggressive tread pattern, road noise is not excessive.


Long life, strong build. In expert testing by one independent reviewer, looking primarily at on-road driving, expected tread life gets a favorable Very Good rating. Other reviewers concur, and then really put the tire to the test by abusing it in all manners of ways in off road testing. For example, Brubaker notes that in "on one of our rutted test trails we stuffed the sidewalls into the rock-and-dirt rut walls repeatedly in an effort to test sidewall durability." The tire survived without problems. That kind of feedback largely offsets a warranty that's not particularly impressive -- 50,000 miles, pro-rated.

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Our Sources


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Mike Schlee puts the Cooper Discoverer A/TW's winter abilities to the test on a snow-covered test track in Quebec, Canada. He says that while dedicated winter tires perform better still, the performance gap between those and the A/TW is the smallest he'd seen in an all-season tire.


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In part two of his test of the Cooper Discoverer A/TW, Schlee drives to Texas to see how the tires perform in warm (85 degree) weather. Testing is done on wet surfaces and dry, looking at handling and braking. The tires excel, leading Schlee to say that "Cooper Tire Discoverer AT/W may not be the cheapest tire on the market, but in my experience, it's one of the best."

3. Four Wheeler Network

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Ken Brubaker does a little winter testing, but primarily looks at the Cooper Discoverer A/TW under summer conditions, both on road and off. He says that testing has failed to run up any glaring downside to the tire.


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The Cooper Discoverer A/TW is included in this large review, covering all type of tires, including all terrain tires. Testing is hands-on, though we don't see any information about off-road testing. Nonetheless, editors give excellent feedback on how the tire performs overall, and in important characteristics such as handling, traction breaking and comfort.

5. Canadian Tire

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Owner reviews of the Cooper Discoverer A/TW are hard to come by, but we found more than 25 at the website of this Canadian tire dealer. Two owners aren't as impressed with snow and, especially, ice performance, but all other reviews are 4 stars and, mostly, 5 stars, contributing to an overall rating of 4.5 stars.