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Table Radios: Ratings of Sources

Total of 10 Sources
As of November 2013
MP3 Players
by Editors of CNET
Our AssessmentCNET evaluates a decent number of table radios, with reviews included with other types of radios as part of the site's MP3 player category. Analysis is competent, lengthy and based on hands-on testing. Although comparisons are made only on occasion, ratings are provided so readers can see how a radio stacks up against its competition. Editors don't review all models listed here, however, and most of the ones they do earn similar scores.
As of November 2013
Speakers - Clock Radios
by Editors of
Our AssessmentAt this independent site devoted to all things iPod, iPhone and iPad, editors evaluate many AM/FM radios with iPod docks. Reviews are typically comprehensive and a letter grade indicates whether editors recommend the product. Some radio reviews can be found within other categories on this site, as well. There are a handful of recent reviews here.
As of November 2013
by Contributors to
Our is a good place to find owner reviews oftable radios. Lots of choices are offered, and many get dozens, hundreds or even thousands of reviews. Finding radios can be a little tedious; the best way to locate a specific model is to search for it. The quality of individual reviews varies, but long, well-thought-out write-ups can often be found.
July 9, 2010
Finally, a Great-Sounding Table Radio
by Steve Guttenberg
Our AssessmentCNET's Steve Guttenberg looks at the Cue Radio Model r1 Outlaw Audio Signature Edition in his column The Audiophiliac. He personally tests this tabletop radio and gives a rundown of its features, including those that set it apart from the more basic Cue Radio Model r1. This review caters to audiophiles, addressing very specific measures of performance and sound quality. It's fairly thorough, but not as detailed as CNET's typical evaluations.
Nov. 18, 2009
Bose Wave SoundLink Music System Review
by Rachel Cericola
Our reviewer Rachel Cericola gives a brief but informative evaluation of the Bose Wave SoundLink Music System. It's essentially the Bose Wave Music System bundled with the SoundLink upgrade kit (Est. $150), which adds the ability to stream music from a computer. She says the Bose has "very good sound quality" and can stream any and all audio with no file or format issues, but she has a hard time justifying the high price tag.
Nov. 25, 2013
Best Table Top Radio
by Marc Gottlieb
Our AssessmentIn this roundup, names its top five picks for best tabletop radios. We can't determine the extent of any hands-on testing, but a short summary explains why each radio is chosen.
7. PC World (Australia)
June 15, 2012
Bose Wave Music System III
by Campbell Simpson
Our AssessmentAt this Australian site, Campbell Simpson reviews the third-generation Bose Wave Music System. He praises its audio performance, saying quality doesn't strain even at the loudest volumes. He also likes its compact design, but concludes that it's "very expensive for what it is."
March 2005
Tivoli Henry Kloss Model Two Radio and Tivoli Model CD Player
by Phil Gold
Our AssessmentThis older in-depth review of the Tivoli Audio Model Two Radio and Model CD Player even includes the historical background of the Tivoli Audio Co. The Model Two and Model CD are rated against each other, with the former winning Phil Gold's "firm recommendation." He says the Model CD "seems like an afterthought."
April 20, 2005
Bose Wave Music System
by Bill Howard
Our AssessmentThis short and older write-up compares the Bose Wave Music System to its predecessor, the Bose Wave Radio/CD. High points include improved sound with an additional half-octave in the lower registers, remote control and MP3 compatibility. Although reviewer Bill Howard dislikes the elimination of the Radio/CD's convenient nap timer, he gives the new model 4 stars out of 5.
Feb. 21, 2002
Tivoli Model Two Radio Review
by M. Wiley
Our AssessmentAlthough this review is more than a decade old, the information is still accurate. It includes detailed specs and photos, as well as an evaluation of the radio's sound quality with and without the subwoofer. The Model Two is ultimately "highly recommended," although no other radios are rated or compared.

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