Tivoli Audio Model One

Est. $150
November 2013
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Tivoli Audio Model One

  • Clear, rich sound
  • Compact footprint
  • Distinctive styling with lots of color options
  • Mono only
  • Relatively expensive
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Bottom line

Reviews say that if you like the look and performance of the Tivoli Audio Model Two (Est. $300) but don't want to invest in a luxury table radio or have the space or need for its separate stereo speaker, the Tivoli Audio Model One might be a good fit. It's comparable to the Model Two in most aspects, but is mono only and lacks the Model Two's high-quality external stereo speaker.


Terrific sound quality. Owners and experts agree that the Model One's sound quality is top-notch. Reception is said to be very good, and the analog tuning has a smooth, precise feel. The Tivoli Audio Model One is light and compact, so it's easy to transport and doesn't take up much space. An auxiliary input allows the Model One to be used with other audio devices, and there are jacks for external AM and FM antennas. User feedback turns up a handful of complaints that aren't unusual to analog radios, such as static and tuner drift. A few owners mention an annoying hum or hiss from the speaker at certain volumes.


Classic design. A lot of owners appreciate the clean lines of the Tivoli Audio Model One. Several different cabinet and faceplate color combinations are available, so it's easy to find one to fit with the surrounding decor.


For the price, this isn't a feature-packed table radio. There's no clock or alarm, no CD player, and no digital tuning or display. While most owners seem satisfied nonetheless, some reviewers do point out that some less inexpensive basic table radios offer comparable features and performance. Some owners are disappointed that an external speaker can't be added later

Tivoli Audio Model Two AM/FM Table Radio with Stereo Speaker, Cherry/Metallic Taupe
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Tivoli Audio Model One M1CLA AM / FM Table Radio, Classic / Walnut

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Our Sources


While this review is older than some, CNET provides what's likely the most thorough coverage to date of the Tivoli Audio Model One's performance and features. Steve Guttenberg summarizes it as "a fine tabletop radio that looks as good as it sounds."

Review: Tivoli Audio Model One Review, Steve Guttenberg, Dec. 14, 2004

2. PC World (Australia)

The Tivoli Audio Model One earns a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 here. Campbell Simpson offers praise for the radio's "great full-range speaker, room-filling sound [and] static-free FM tuner."

Review: Tivoli Audio Model One Table-Top Radio, Campbell Simpson, Nov. 16, 2009

3. Amazon.com

The classic/walnut version of the Tivoli Audio Model One gets good feedback from more than 400 owners, with an overall score of 4 stars out of 5. Some, however, complain of overpowering bass or disappointing tuner performance.

Review: Tivoli Audio Model One M1CLA AM/FM Table Radio, Contributors to Amazon.com, As of November 2013

4. JR.com

Owners can review and rate products sold by electronics retailer J&R, including the Tivoli Audio Model One table radio in its several finishes and colors. It earns high marks from most reviewers, although a few complain of poor reception.

Review: Tivoli Audio Kloss Model One AM/FM Table Radio, Contributors to JR.com, As of November 2013

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