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DeWalt DW745

*Est. $370
April 2012
by ConsumerSearch
DeWalt DW745

Midrange benchtop table saw

  • Light (45 lbs.)
  • Easy adjustments
  • Plenty of power
  • Small footprint
  • Lacks soft-start motor
  • No dado capacity
  • Miter gauge a weak point
  • A few reports of quality control issues

The DeWalt DW745 is a benchtop table saw with a small footprint and roll cage, designed to be carried around as needed. The saw can also be bolted to an optional folding stand, the DW7450 (*Est. $65) . Reviews praise the saw's light 45-pound weight, excellent rack-and-pinion fence and easy adjustments. The telescoping rails extend to provide a maximum rip capacity of 16 inches; other support is needed if cutting large panels. The saw has been redesigned with a convenient blade guard system that includes a riving knife. The motor isn't soft start, but most reviewers say this saw cuts fairly smoothly, with plenty of power. The plastic miter gauge is the main weak point. If you need dado capacity or to cut miters to fit out-of-square corners, consider the well-reviewed Bosch GTS1310 (*Est. $400) , which also has better onboard storage.

Popular Mechanics tests the DeWalt DW745 in two thorough objective reviews -- one comparing it with 10 other portable saws of various types, and in a separate review with its main competitor, the Bosch GTS1310. These two saws are also well compared at Tools of the Trade and at Single-product reviews at Fine Homebuilding and The Journal of Light Construction cover the DW745 in 2007, before it was redesigned with a riving knife, but still add useful comments. We also found helpful ratings and comments from owners at,, and

DEWALT DW745 10-Inch Compact Job-Site Table Saw with 20-Inch Max Rip Capacity
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DEWALT DW745 10-Inch Compact Job-Site Table Saw with 20-Inch Max Rip Capacity

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The DeWalt DW745 gets a respectable 4-star rating in this roundup review comparing it with 10 other portable table saws, earning kudos for its accurate fence and "enviable power." However, it doesn't rank at the top -- it loses points for its limited ripping width and lack of dado capacity.

Review: Portable Table Saws: We Test 11 to Find the Best, Roy Berendsohn, Feb. 2012


This thorough, objective review compares the DeWalt DW745 with the Bosch GTS1031. Performance is judged equal, based on tests cutting plywood, shelving, 2-by-4 lumber and red oak -- including some beveled cross-cuts -- but the DeWalt blade leaves a smoother edge. Although the Bosch can be stored on edge and can accommodate a stacked dado, editors give DeWalt the lead overall: it's lighter, and adjustments are easier than on the Bosch.

Review: Compact Table Saw Showdown: Bosch vs. DeWalt, Stuart Deutsch, 2011

3. Tools of the Trade

A finish carpenter provides a detailed, well-illustrated review comparing the DeWalt DW745 with its main competitor, the Bosch GTS1031. Both saws have blade guards that are judged excellent and easy to use. Jesse Wright finds the rack-and-pinion fence on the DeWalt its best feature; it's very easy to adjust. Overall, though, he prefers the Bosch because of its onboard storage and easy transport.

Review: Ultra-Portable Table Saws, Jesse Wright, Oct. 13, 2011


Carpenter Michael Inskeep compares the DeWalt DW745 with the Bosch GTS1031, using both with a Rousseau table that comes with its own fence. Both saws have fine blade guard systems. Despite the nice roll-cage design of the Bosch, the DeWalt is the favorite of both the author and his whole crew. Inskeep finds that the DeWalt cuts smoothly with all three blades he tried, while the Bosch wobbles too much even with its own blade. Not all of the nearly 50 readers commenting here agree; many defend the Bosch, especially since it can accommodate a dado.

Review: Portable Table Saws: Bosch or DeWalt?, Michael Inskeep, Jan. 20, 2012

5. The Journal of Light Construction

This review covers the DeWalt DW745 before it was redesigned to use the UL-approved three-part blade guard on the current version. The saw earns praise for its light weight and overall performance: "The DW745 makes no compromises in accuracy or power for the sake of portability, yet I can easily carry it by one of its two handles, as I would a briefcase." The author does wish this saw had a soft-start motor, blade brake and onboard storage for the miter gauge.

Review: DeWalt 745 Table Saw, Greg DiBernardo, Feb. 2007

6. Fine Homebuilding

This single-product review of the DeWalt DW745 praises the rack-and-pinion fence "which is easy to adjust, and has an excellent hairline indicator to make zeroing in on precise measurements a cinch." Other adjustments are also deemed easy to use, and the miter slot takes aftermarket accessories. Camp says the DeWalt has "plenty of power for any task I threw at it," and notes only two drawbacks: the lack of dado capacity and a supplied blade of poor quality.

Review: DeWalt - DW745 Compact Job-Site Tablesaw, Kit Camp, March 2007


Over a hundred owners review the DeWalt DW745 table saw here. Most are happy with it, especially for the price. Some dissatisfied owners returned saws with tables that weren't flat, or with too much arbor runout or other major flaws in build.

Review: DeWalt DW745 10-Inch Compact Job-Site Table Saw, Contributors to


At the time of our report fewer than two dozen owners have reviewed the DeWalt DW745 here, giving it a high average rating. Most praise the saw's power, fence and small footprint. It earns mixed reviews for fine woodworking; one owner says the miter gauge slot is too sloppy for a third-party gauge to work well. As in other reviews, some regret the lack of dado capacity.

Review: DeWalt 10 in. 15-Amp Compact Job Site Table Saw Model DW745, Contributors to


More than a dozen owners review the DeWalt DW745 table saw. Most are extremely enthusiastic, saying they'd recommend it to a friend.

Review: DeWalt 15-Amp 10" Table Saw Model DW745, Contributors to


Over a dozen owners review and rate the DeWalt DW745 table saw, praising it for carpentry but not for fine woodworking. The miter gauge is one weak point, as is the absence of dado capacity. Some owners mention that small plastic parts can break, sometimes requiring replacing the whole assembly, e.g., the fence.

Review: DW745, Contributors to

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