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Table Saws: Ratings of Sources

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1. Popular Mechanics
Not Dated
Portable Table Saws: We Test 11 to Find the Best
by Roy Berendsohn
Our AssessmentThis detailed, well-illustrated comparison review reports on thorough tests of 11 portable table saws, including three budget table saws priced at $300 or less. Tests include cutting 2X lumber, plywood and oak. Pros and cons are given for each model, as well as a numerical rating on a five-point scale.
2. Woodworker's Journal
July/August 2013
Portable 10-inch Table Saw Reviews
Our AssessmentThis round-up review features hands-on tests of five "premium" portable table saws. A Ridgid table saw that's since been discontinued draws top honors, but the Bosch 4100-09 and the DeWALT DW744X are singled out for praise.
Jan. 20, 2012
Portable Table Saws: Bosch or Dewalt?
by Michael Inskeep
Our AssessmentThis review compares the DeWalt DW745 jobsite saw with the Bosch GTS1031, both with a Rousseau 2745 stand with an outfeed table (to make it easier to cut panels). The DeWalt table saw gets the nod for slightly quieter performance and smoother cuts. The Bosch blade wobbled, causing finish problems. Nearly 50 readers weigh in on both saws, many defending the Bosch and noting that it can accommodate a dado.
4. Fine Homebuilding
March 11, 2010
Tool Test: Portable 10-in. Tablesaws
by Kevin Ireton
Our AssessmentFive portable table saws that meet Underwriters Laboratories safety standards are tested here, both for the usability of their safety devices and for overall performance and convenience. Four table saws "make the cut," but two are now discontinued. An enthusiastic 2008 video review at this woodworking site tests the SawStop contractor saw.
5. Popular Woodworking
As of September 2014
Table Saws
by Editors of Popular Woodworking
Our AssessmentMuch of the content from Popular Woodworking is not available on line, but a search for table saws or for particular models can provide some glimpses of the editorial content. That includes a comparison review of five benchtop table saws, reviews of individual tools, and more.
6. Tools of the Trade
As of September 2014
Cutting & Sawing Tool Tests
by Editors of Tools of the Trade
Our AssessmentMixed in with circular saws, tile saws, miter saws and more, Tools of the Trade features single product reviews of table saws, as well as multi-product round ups. Some content is occasionally hard to find on the site, such as a detailed review that compares the DeWalt DW745 with the Bosch GTS1031. A 2008 Editor's Choice award goes to the SawStop contractor saw, while the Delta Unisaw pulls down the same honor in 2009.
7. Woodcraft Magazine
October 2009
Table Saw Face-Off
by Joe Hurst-Wajszczuk
Our AssessmentThis detailed review compares two cabinet saws in the $3,000 price range: the SawStop Professional and the redesigned Delta Unisaw. Both are judged equal in accuracy and power, with very low vibration. The optional mobile base available for the SawStop is a plus, while the Delta comes with a convenient drawer, with more drawers available as extra options. Overall, the Delta has the edge when it comes to convenience -- including blade adjustments, dust collection, riving knife system and blade changing – and its fence and extension table are better built.
8. Wood Magazine
As of September 2014
Table Saws
by Editors of Wood Magazine
Our AssessmentWood Magazine reviews table saws and table saw accessories. Coverage includes table saw round ups of hybrid table saws, mid-priced table saws, table saws updated to meet UL standards, and more. Some of the coverage is older, but still relevant as the tested remain current, and some content requires a paid download.
9. Tool Box Buzz
As of September 2014
Archives: Table Saw
by Todd Fratzel
Our AssessmentTool Box Buzz offers a variety of hands-on reviews of tools, but only three table saws are covered, all made by DeWalt. Still, these reviews are testing based and offer some good insights into the positives and negatives of each tool.
As of September 2014
Table Saws
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentYou can access user reviews for a number of table saws, organized by rating and date. Portable table saws get the lion's share of feedback but even pricey cabinet saws typically draw at least a few remarks.
As of September 2014
Table Saws
by Contributors to
Our is a good place to track down user reviews, particularly of brands and models carried exclusively by that store. More than 40 models of table, portable and cabinet table saws are listed. Many get only a handful of reviews, but others draw dozens or even hundreds of reports. Some models include reviews originally posted at manufacturing sites.
As of September 2014
Table Saws & Accessories
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentAs with, allows users to post reviews for items they've purchased. There are fewer table saws listed, however, and some of the models again include reviews posted at the manufacturer web site. Still, there's good insight to be found, especially for table saws that are exclusive to
As of September 2014
Table Saws
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentIf you are interested in a Craftsman table saw, is the best place to read user reviews. Some Craftsman table saws get tons of feedback, others only a little. Most table saws that get ample feedback score similarly, roughly 4 stars, but a few do better than that, and a few do worse.
As of September 2014
by Editors of
Our features reviews of tools, including table saws, written by professional contractors. The quality of the reviews varies a bit; some are detailed with ratings, others are feature-based and are more of a preview than anything else. Still, it's worth checking out what's here to gain some perspective from a tool-using-pro's point of view.
15. New Woodworker
As of September 2014
Table Saw Reviews
by Tom Hintz
Our AssessmentProfessional woodworker Tom Hintz provides detailed reviews of table saws based on his own tests and use, with some comparison among them. Most reviews offer few criticisms, so the reviews seem to lack objectivity. However, the photos and details can still be useful.

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