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Table Saws: Ratings of Sources

Total of 19 Sources
1. PopularMechanics.com
Feb. 2012
Portable Table Saws: We Test 11 to Find the Best
by Roy Berendsohn
Our AssessmentThis detailed, well-illustrated comparison review reports on thorough tests of 11 portable table saws, including three budget table saws priced at $300 or less. Tests include cutting 2X lumber, plywood and oak. Pros and cons are given for each model, as well as a numerical rating on a five-point scale. The Craftsman 218291 is disqualified and given no rating at all because of a switch design that testers find dangerous. A 2011 review of benchtop saws favors the DeWalt DW745 over the Bosch GTS1031 for most users.
2. Taunton's 2011 Tool Guide
Nov. 2010
Portable Tablesaws
by Patrick McCombe
Our AssessmentSix 15-amp portable table saws are compared here in detail, including checks of table flatness, blade runout and miter-slow parallelism. For the cutting tests of plywood and hard maple, each saw was outfitted with a new thin-kerf blade. This article reports on the same tests done in 2009 for Fine Woodworking, but adds the results of a readers' survey. Readers agree with the editors' top choice, the Bosch 4100-09, but rate the DeWalt DW744X higher than the editors' pick for top value, the Ridgid R4510. Reviews in previous issues of this publication (which is aimed at professional and serious amateur woodworkers and builders) cover hybrid and cabinet table saws. The 2011 issue also compares riving knife systems on eight cabinet saws. Editors' reviews are available online for current table saws of all types.
3. Tools of the Trade
Oct. 13, 2011
Ultra-Portable Table Saws
by Jesse Wright
Our AssessmentIn this detailed review, finish carpenter Jesse Wright tests the DeWalt DW745 in comparison with the newer Bosch GTS1031. He praises the fence on the DeWalt and the blade guards on both saws, but prefers the Bosch overall as easier to carry, with useful optional accessories. Other well-done comparison tests cover hybrid saws, cabinet saws and portable table saws. A 2008 Editor's Choice award goes to the SawStop contractor saw.
4. ThisIsCarpentry.com
Jan. 20, 2012
Portable Table Saws: Bosch or Dewalt?
by Michael Inskeep
Our AssessmentHere's another review that compares the DeWalt DW745 jobsite saw with the newer Bosch GTS1031, both with a Rousseau 2745 stand with an outfeed table (to make it easier to cut panels). This time the conclusion is different, favoring the DeWalt for slightly quieter performance and smoother cuts. The Bosch blade wobbled, causing finish problems. Nearly 50 readers weigh in on both saws, many defending the Bosch and noting that it can accommodate a dado.
5. Fine Homebuilding
March 11, 2010
Tool Test: Portable 10-in. Tablesaws
by Kevin Ireton
Our AssessmentThe first portable table saws to meet the new Underwriters Laboratories safety standards are tested here, both for the usability of their safety devices and for overall performance and convenience. The DeWalt and Ridgid safety features are deemed easiest to use, closely followed by the Bosch, but none of the five saws tested here make it easy to clamp on a featherboard -- a simple additional protection to minimize kickback. The author notes that "Twenty-five years ago, using a featherboard would have saved my fingertip." An enthusiastic 2008 video review at this woodworking site tests the SawStop contractor saw.
Toolbox: Bosch GTS1031 10-Inch Table Saw
by Tom O' Brien
Our AssessmentThis favorable single-product review of the new Bosch GTS1031, based on a week of testing, reports that it needed some adjustment out of the box, plus an auxiliary wood fence to replace the loose-fitting miter gauge -- but then made very satisfactory cuts. Dust collection is good (at least with a Festool vac), and the author also praises the saw's blade guard and onboard storage. A 2007 review at this site by another tester covers the DeWalt DW745, noting that it lacks a soft-start motor.
7. Popular Woodworking
Oct. 2009
Benchtop Table Saws
by Glen D. Huey
Our AssessmentFive benchtop table saws, all equipped with riving knives, are tested here and compared for accuracy, power and ease of use. Glen Huey gives top ranking to the Bosch 4100. The Dec. 2009 issue includes a detailed review, also by Huey, of the new SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw, comparing it with the heavier and more expensive -- and smoother-cutting -- SawStop Industrial Cabinet Saw. Earlier single-product reviews praise the Ridgid R4511 and Steel City 35900G hybrid saws (both now discontinued), the SawStop Contractor Saw and the redesigned Delta Unisaw cabinet saw. The Nov. 2007 issue reports on comparison tests of six hybrid saws. A special issue on table saws compares the SawStop cabinet saw with the Powermatic PM2000.
8. Woodcraft Magazine
Oct. 2009
Table Saw Face-Off
by Joe Hurst-Wajszczuk
Our AssessmentThis detailed review compares two cabinet saws in the $3,000 price range: the SawStop Professional and the redesigned Delta Unisaw. Both are judged equal in accuracy and power, with very low vibration. The optional mobile base available for the SawStop is a plus, while the Delta comes with a convenient drawer, with more drawers available as extra options. Overall, the Delta has the edge when it comes to convenience -- including blade adjustments, dust collection, riving knife system and blade changing – and its fence and extension table are better built. The Delta Unisaw would be the overall winner except for the SawStop's built-in extra safety, making the SawStop the better choice for a woodworking novice, school or shared workshop. For most users, though, the reviewer finds the Delta a better choice.
9. Wood Magazine
Dec. 2011
2012 Wood Magazine Innov8 Awards
by Editors of Wood Magazine
Our AssessmentEditors give the new Bosch GTS1031 benchtop table saw an award as one of the top innovative tools for 2012, praising it as combining "the best features of its high-end saw with the portability of a suitcase." This saw also earns kudos for storing all components underneath, so the whole kit is easy to transport. Back in 2010, a similar award went to the SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw. Also earning high marks in this woodworkers' publication are the Delta Unisaw (for its redesigned blade guard system), and the SawStop contractor saw. An excellent Nov. 2008 comparison test of 10 hybrid saws details the pros and cons of each saw, top-ranking the ShopFox W1748.
10. Workbench Magazine
June 2006
Table Saw Shootout!
by Bill Link
Our AssessmentDespite this review's age, it's still valuable, comparing 10 3-horsepower cabinet saws including the Powermatic PM2000. A detailed 2009 review praises the SawStop contractor saw for more than just its added safety. In 2006, Workbench editors named the Powermatic PM2000 one of the top 10 innovative tools of the year, citing its riving knife and integral retracting castors.
Human Factors Evaluation of Technology Intended to Address Blade-Contact Injuries with Table Saws
by Timothy P. Smith
Our AssessmentA CPSC engineering psychologist tests the latest safety features available, using the latest Bosch blade guard system in comparison with SawStop technology. In this detailed report, he concludes that the new blade guard systems are a significant improvement over older styles, but that adding the SawStop technology offers important backup protection for preventing serious injuries.
12. Amazon.com
As of April 2012
Table Saws
by Contributors to Amazon.com
Our AssessmentYou can access user reviews for a number of table saws, organized by rating and date.
13. HomeDepot.com
As of April 2012
Table Saws
by Contributors to HomeDepot.com
Our AssessmentHomeDepot.com is a good place to track down user reviews, particularly of brands and models carried exclusively by that store. On the downside, the site isn't the easiest to navigate, with a fair amount of clicking before you can get to the reviews themselves.
14. Lowes.com
As of April 2012
Table Saws & Accessories
by Contributors to Lowes.com
Our AssessmentAs with HomeDepot.com, Lowes.com allows users to post reviews for items they've purchased.
15. Sears.com
As of April 2012
Table Saws
by Contributors to Sears.com
Our AssessmentSince Craftsman tools are sold only at Sears, Sears.com is the best place to find reviews for Craftsman tools.
16. Wood Central
As of April 2012
Table Saw Reviews
by Contributors to WoodCentral.com
Our AssessmentWoodCentral.com lists a number of in-depth user reviews of table saws, including an early review of the SawStop cabinet saw, but there's no overall scoring or rating system. Still, if you have your choice narrowed down these reviews are thorough and insightful, and are often well illustrated with hard-to-find photos of details. Table saw fences and other accessories are also well covered at this site.
17. New Woodworker
As of April 2012
Table Saw Reviews
by Tom Hintz
Our AssessmentProfessional woodworker Tom Hintz provides detailed reviews of 10 table saws based on his own tests and use, with some comparison among them. Most reviews offer few criticisms, so the reviews seem to lack objectivity. However, the photos and details can still be useful.
18. This Old House
June 2011
Tool Test: Table Saws
by Sal Vaglica
Our AssessmentThis article gives a few specifications and nice illustrations for over two dozen table saws, but doesn't rate or rank them.
19. ProToolReviews.com
June 17, 2011
Bosch GTS1031 10" Jobsite Table Saw Review
by Everett Snyder
Our AssessmentThe Bosch GTS1031, DeWalt DW745 and Ridgid R4510 portable table saws get single-product reviews here from remodeler Everett Snyder. Unfortunately no direct comparisons are made among these saws, and each review seems equally enthusiastic, with few if any drawbacks mentioned. The same is true of the four other table saws reviewed here by two other authors.
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