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Ridgid R4512

*Est. $280
April 2012
by ConsumerSearch
Ridgid R4512

  • Mobile (casters)
  • Quiet
  • Power, capacity
  • Lifetime warranty available
  • Stamped steel wings
  • Blade tedious to align
  • Some fit and finish issues
  • Some reports of quality control issues
  • Delays in warranty repairs

The Ridgid R4512 is a heavy-duty contractor saw -- almost a hybrid saw -- with a cast-iron table and minimal vibration. Made by Dayton, it's not just a blade-guard upgrade from the previous R4511 made by Steel City, which had cabinet-mounted trunnions. Despite table-mounted trunnions and stamped steel wings, however, the Ridgid R4512 earns mostly positive reviews from owners. Mobility is a big plus: a foot pedal raises and lowers the casters so it's easy to move, but then locks down flat to the floor to minimize vibration. Dust collection is also good. For the price, most owners accept that the fence, miter gauge, steel wings and two-piece rails aren't going to be perfect -- and say the saw still performs well for making cabinets and other fine woodworking. (It can also be wired for 220 voltage to add extra power.) Dayton also makes the nearly identical Craftsman Professional 21833 table saw (*Est. $550) , but it has only a one-year warranty and more reports of quality control issues.

We were surprised to find no professional reviews of the Ridgid R4512, but we found nearly a hundred owner-written reviews and ratings at Two more detailed reviews from amateur woodworkers fill in some details. The longer review at contains some videos and a series of articles on the Ridgid R4512, while the shorter review at sums up the pros and cons nicely.

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Almost a hundred owners review the Ridgid R4512 table saw here, giving it a high average rating overall. Many say they upgraded from a contractor's saw. Nearly all say they'd recommend this saw to a friend, even though many report initial problems -- having to exchange a faulty saw, or to tune the saw for accuracy. The instructions get mixed reviews, but the main assembly problems apparently come from poor quality control. For example, more than one owner got a saw with the caster system built incorrectly at the factory. It can also be tricky to assemble the two-piece rails so they're even; most owners end up accepting that the fence jumps when going over the seam. After any initial issues are resolved, most owners say the saw performs very well, with quiet power.

Review: Ridgid 10 in. 13-Amp Professional Table Saw Model #R4512, Contributors to

2. Furnitude

Ridgid sent furniture maker Roberson an R4512 saw to review (and keep), but this detailed report covers both pros and cons well. The series of articles covers everything from unboxing the saw through the quite difficult process of realigning the blade -- a total of about 7 hours of work. Roberson judges the miter gauge good but hard to adjust and, at least on his unit, the measurement lines on the fence are positioned to the right rather than on target -- "something that should have been caught at the factory." He had to tweak the saw a lot into satisfactory working condition, but praises it for superb mobility, good dust collection and quiet performance. The review includes a video of the nickel test to demonstrate the saw's low vibration.

Review: Ridgid R4512 Table Saw -- Full Review, Mitch Roberson, March 2011


A new amateur woodworker reviews the Ridgid R4512 in a medium-length review that covers its pros and cons very well, taking the saw's price point into account. One of the four holes on the legs never lines up, so he accepts that and moves on. Also accepted -- because of the budget price -- are some runout, a table that's not quite flat and an imperfect fence. The casters are a big plus, as is the lifetime warranty. Aligning the blade to the miter slot can be done, but it's difficult. Power seems ample, at least for cutting walnut.

Review: Ridgid R4512 Table Saw Review, "Jeremy", Dec. 2011

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