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Dell Latitude 10 Tablet

Est. $650
Reviewed by ConsumerSearch
Dell Latitude 10 Tablet

  • Removable and long-life battery
  • Runs full Windows 8
  • Optional fingerprint scanner and card reader
  • Quickly runs out of disk space
  • Lack of performance
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Bottom line

Dell's Latitude 10 Tablet (Est. $650) is another entry in Dell's continuing Latitude mobile-computing series of products aimed at the business world. The Latitude 10 Tablet has most of the same pros and cons as any other Atom-powered tablet -- long battery life, 1366-by-768-resolution screen and not-so-great performance. However, it differs in that it has a removable battery, and the Enhanced Security model (Est. $850) offers a smart card reader and a biometric fingerprint reader combination.


Huge battery life. Even in the Atom world of tablets with long-life batteries, the Dell Latitude 10 sets itself apart in several ways. Unofficial tests from the reviewers at CNET suggest that the use-life of the Latitude 10's battery could be as much as 16 hours from a single charge. And then, according to the reviewer at, as well as the standard two-cell 3,880 mAh battery, you can also get a whopping 7,760 mAh four-cell version (price on request). The rest of the performance specs are standard for an Atom-powered tablet -- 1366-by-768-resolution screen and not-so-great performance when compared to Core i5 tablets such as the Microsoft Surface Pro .


Generous connectivity. All the connectivity you need to fully use Windows 8 is on the Latitude 10, and its "positively bountiful compared to most iOS and Android tablets." There's a headphone jack, a mini HDMI port and a full-size USB 2.0 port for plugging in a mouse, keyboard, printer, memory stick, etc. There's also a full-size SDXCcard slot. The optional dock (Est. $170) adds four more USB ports and a full-size HDMI. The front and rear cameras receive good reviews for photos as well as video. But it's the removable battery that's the star of the show. Businesses concerned with security should check out the biometric fingerprint reader, smart card reader and encryption features of the Enhanced Security model (Est. $850).

Ease of use

Removable battery pack. We keep mentioning it in this report, but reviewers are enthralled with the removable battery pack as it means that you don't part with your tablet when you want to change the battery. You can just buy a new battery and pop it in, and if you upgrade to the four-cell battery (price upon request), you'll have to do this even less often. If you use the stylus, it has storage space on the left of the tablet case so you won't lose it.

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Our Sources


With "more stamina than style," the Dell Latitude 10 earns a rating of Very Good from the editors of CNET for its excellent battery life and reasonable cost. The downsides include low performance power and slower USB 2.0 ports. The docking station, with four extra USB ports and HDMI and Ethernet connects, handily converts the Latitude 10 for desktop use. If only the power were there also!

Review: Dell Latitude 10 Review: A Tablet with More Stamina Than Style, Dan Ackerman, Feb. 12, 2013

2. PC World

Tony Bradley states that the Dell Latitude 10 offers the full PC experience in a tablet. He briefly compares the Latitude 10 to the Latitude 10 Essentials, which is a new, more economical configuration of the same device. The Latitude 10 Essentials has neither a swappable battery nor a rear camera, and it also lacks the mini-USB and mini-HDMI ports.

Review: Dell's $499 Windows 8 Tablet Looks Like a Win for Business, Tony Bradley, Jan. 9, 2013

3. PC Pro

Calling Dell's Latitude 10 the "first Windows 8 business tablet," Jennings loves the "unrivalled" battery life and practical peripherals, but says that performance isn't great. Although this business tablet offers more flexibility than a consumer model, even some simple tasks seemed to be too much for it.

Review: Dell Latitude 10 Review, Mike Jennings, April 3, 2013


A rating of Excellent from the reviewer highlights the Dell Latitude 10's removable battery and its long life as well as the Wacom stylus option, even though there is nowhere on the tablet to store the stylus. The Enhanced Security model has options which include a smart card reader and a biometric fingerprint reader, making it an "all-day, all-night Windows 8 tablet to buy for your security conscious business."

Review: Dell Latitude 10 Enhanced Security, Joel Santo Domingo, March 27, 2013


With a form factor that won't embarrass you when you use it on your commute, the Dell Latitude 10 has generous connectivity with way more options than most iOS and Android tablets. The battery has a long life, like that of most other Atom-powered tablets, but Dell has made this one removable, so it can be easily replaced without having to send the whole unit away.

Review: Dell Latitude 10, Ardjuna Seghers, Sept. 19, 2012


Running the full version of Windows 8 places the Dell Latitude 10 immediately a step above Microsoft's Surface RT tablet for reviewer Dan Grabham. Although it's "hardly a powerhouse," the Latitude 10 is OK for basic use and social media functions, while more intensive desktop work is a little slow. The full Windows 8 install also takes up much of the available storage space and you'll quickly fill up the rest of the hard drive.

Review: Dell Latitude 10 Review, Dan Grabham, June 29, 2013


The "corporate-friendly features" of the Dell Latitude 10 are great, but will add significant dollars to the base price. Damning the Latitude 10 with faint praise, Silbert says that its look and feel is "inoffensive" and the wide bezel around the screen makes it seem much smaller and cheapens the design.

Review: Dell Latitude 10 Review: A Business-Friendly Windows Tablet with Great Battery Life, Sarah Silbert, March 22, 2013


In this brief review, Paul Lilly introduces the Dell Latitude 10, by comparing it to the Microsoft Surface RT tablet. The Surface RT offers a brief glimpse of Windows 8 while the Latitude 10 runs a full-blown version. The Latitude 10 is an "enterprise-ready" tablet with business-class features, including a lock slot, encryption, and an optional fingerprint and smart card reader combination.

Review: Dell Hits the Right Price with Latitude 10 Tablet Running Windows 8, Paul Lilly, Jan. 11, 2013

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