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Tablet Computers: Ratings of Sources

Total of 19 Sources
As of November 2013
by Editors of CNET
Our AssessmentThe tablet reviews at CNET are thorough and hands-on. Each tablet is rated on a five-star scale, with pros and cons clearly noted. Benchmarking and comparisons to other slates are peppered throughout each report.
2. PCMag.com
Not Dated
by Editors of PCMag.com
Our AssessmentPCMag.com is among the more prolific technology reviewers. Testing of tablets is comprehensive and well explained. Tablets are rated, with the very best earning an Editors' Choice award.
3. Laptop Magazine
Updated Nov. 5, 2013
Find the Best Tablet for You
by Mark Spoonauer
Our AssessmentLaptop Magazine reviews lots of tablets, with the best ones for specific users appearing on this frequently updated list. The very best tablets also earn an Editors' Choice award. Discussion is extensive, but written so that most is understandable even for non-techies.
4. Computer Shopper
As of November 2013
Latest Tablet Reviews
by Editors of ComputerShopper.com
Our AssessmentComputerShopper.com rates a wide variety of tablets at all price points. The reviews are long and testing-based, and often compare the hardware against competing slates. Each product receives an overall rating, with the best receiving various awards. However, the site had yet to test some of the newest tablets at the time of our visit.
5. TheVerge.com
As of November 2013
by Editors of TheVerge.com
Our AssessmentCovering most of the major tablet releases, TheVerge.com's evaluations are detailed, illustrated and separated into categories such as hardware/design, internals and battery life, and usually include a supplemental video review. The site has relatively stringent rating criteria, with most tablets receiving only average ratings. Products really have to excel to score an 8 out of 10 or higher, and editors aren't bashful about handing out poor grades.
6. TechHive.com
As of November 2013
by Editors of TechHive.com
Our AssessmentThough the table listing the best tablets was out of date when we last visited, TechHive.com (sister site of PC World) evaluates most of the big-name tablets as they are released. Reviews are based on hands-on testing but aren't as detailed as our higher-ranked sources. Several tablet computers earn 4 stars out of 5 or better.
7. ConsumerReports.org
Not Dated
by Editors of ConsumerReports.org
Our AssessmentConsumerReports.org tests an impressive number of tablets, though some are older or previous generation models. Tablets are rated and ranked, but discussion is brief. The report is only available to subscribers of the magazine or website.
8. Engadget.com
Oct. 24, 2013
Engadget's Tablet Buyer's Guide: Fall 2013 Edition
by Jon Fingas
Our AssessmentEngadget.com has a good selection of tablet reviews, including many that don't get much attention elsewhere. The site doesn't provide ratings, but evaluations are exhaustive and leave no doubt whether a product is recommended. This list of the best tablets you can buy links to full reviews elsewhere on the site.
9. TrustedReviews.com
Nov. 11, 2013
Best Tablet 2013: Which Tablet to Buy?
by Michael Sawh
Our AssessmentWhile TrustedReviews.com is based in the U.K., many of the tablets it evaluates are available in the U.S. Editors' analysis is lengthy, illustrated and based on hands-on testing, and some reports are supplemented with video reviews. A list of the site's top 10 best-reviewed tablets makes it easy to cut to the chase and looks to be maintained fairly often, though some discontinued models remain.
10. Pocket-lint.com
Nov. 14, 2013
Best Tablets 2013: The Best Tablets Available to Buy Today
by Mike Lowe and Stuart Miles
Our AssessmentAlso based in Britain, Pocket-lint.com reviews a large number of tablets that are available stateside. The critiques are lengthy and detailed but document no technical benchmarking. Less-formal hands-on articles provide brief insights into new or upcoming tablets.
11. TechRadar.com
Nov. 6, 2013
Best Tablet 2013: Our Top 10 Ranking
by Gareth Beavis
Our AssessmentTechRadar.com offers its own reviews and compiles additional critiques from a number of British technology publications, including What Laptop? magazine. Evaluations are based on hands-on testing and culminate in a rating on a five-point scale. However, some devices reviewed here aren't widely available in the U.S.
12. DigitalTrends.com
As of November 2012
Tablet Reviews
by Jeffrey Van Camp
Our AssessmentDigitalTrends.com reviews tablets in fairly lengthy critiques that are based more on hands-on impressions than formal benchmark testing. Many tablets receive lukewarm "Recommended" ratings, though a couple rise to the level of being named Editors' Choices.
13. Wired
Not Dated
by Editors of Wired
Our AssessmentWired reviews several tablet computers in its usual irreverent style. Evaluations are brief, but pros and cons are clearly noted. While the analysis is balanced, coverage isn't as comprehensive as elsewhere.
14. Amazon.com
As of November 2013
by Contributors to Amazon.com
Our AssessmentAmazon.com offers a decent selection of tablets, and many popular choices attract hundreds of reviews. Most score similarly, about 4 stars out of 5. Some user feedback is detailed and provides information on long-term use that might be missed by experts. This is the best site to see owner reviews on the revamped Kindle Fire and new Kindle Fire HD, as well as the Apple iPad mini.
15. Expert Reviews
As of November 2013
Tablet PC Reviews
by Editors of Expert Reviews
Our AssessmentBritain's Expert Reviews covers a decent number of tablets, although several models aren't available in the U.S. Critiques are detailed multi-page affairs but are limited to hands-on impressions rather than objective benchmark tests. However, the opinions come from knowledgeable reviewers.
16. AllThingsD.com
As of November 2013
by Walt Mossberg
Our AssessmentLongtime technology reviewer Walt Mossberg provides lengthy evaluations of a few tablet computers, including many of the top choices. The slates aren't rated, but Mossberg's reports are appropriately balanced and critical when necessary.
17. TabletPCReview.com
As of November 2013
by Editors of TabletPCReview.com
Our AssessmentThis is the sister site of NotebookReview.com, a highly respected source for laptop evaluations. Each tablet is subjected to extensive hands-on and benchmark testing, and rated on a five-point scale.
18. Anandtech.com
As of November 2013
by Editors of AnandTech.com
Our AssessmentAnandTech.com has some of the most detailed technology reviews on the web, but they're very difficult to find. Lengthy reports -- which run alongside tablet news and discussion posts -- reflect a great deal of breadth.
19. Arstechnica.com
As of November 2013
by Editors of ArsTechnica.com
Our AssessmentArsTechnica.com offers comprehensive reviews of tech products, including many major tablet computers. Editors cover every pertinent aspect of using a tablet, including performance, battery life and features. The slates aren't rated, but a lengthy conclusion section sums up editors' recommendations. Finding reviews can be a bit of a chore on this blog-type site.
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