Dell Venue 8 Review

Updated October 31, 2014
Dell Venue 8 Review
Bottom Line

If you are looking for a low-cost tablet with good performance and a great, high-definition display, the 8-inch Dell Venue 8 hits all the checkboxes. There's plenty of pop here for typical tablet uses and users, but with just 1 GB of memory, you'll want to keep an eye on how many tasks are running to keep the stock KitKat OS purring along.

ProsHigh-def touch screen, Good performance, Good battery life, Runs the stock Android OSConsLimited memory, Android had fewer tablet apps that Apple

Breaking it down


"Punches above its weight class." That's what says in naming the Dell Venue 8 an Editors' Choice. Keep in mind, however, that doesn't mean that this $200 tablet is a performance powerhouse. There are other tablets -- including some even-cheaper tablets, such as the like-sized but lower-resolution Asus MeMO Pad 8 (Est. $150) -- that bring more horsepower to the battle. However, for most users, and most uses, there's enough under the hood -- a 2.1 GHz dual-core Intel Atom Z3480 processor, 1 GB of memory and 16 GB of storage -- to make life with the Dell Venue 8 a pleasurable experience.


Hey, good looking. The biggest plus with the Dell Venue 8 is its full HD, 1,920- by 1,080-pixel touch screen. It's an IPS panel, and that translates to exceptional image quality. "Everything we looked at -- high-res pictures, videos, games, 3D graphics -- looked well-detailed and accurately colored, with little or no banding or pixelization," says William Harrel at It's the highest-resolution screen on a tablet in this price category, save for the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 (Est. $180 and up), but that tablet brings with it a heavily modified operating system that relies on Amazon for its content. Another notable feature on the Dell Venue is the microSD memory card slot so that you can store as many movie, music and other media files as you can download without running out of space on the device.

Ease of use

Pure Android. Android is a highly customizable, open operating system. That's true for users, and for manufacturers -- most of which can't help but layer on their own user interface to allow for "features" that can't be found on other tablets. The best of these customizations don't get in the way too much; others are so annoying that the first thing experienced users do is "root" their device -- deleting the modified OS. No such issues with the Venue 8, however. Dell runs the stock Android KitKat OS, and reviewers say hurray for the freedom from unwanted software and enhancements such as animations that interfere with stability and ease of use. Reviewers note that like all low-cost tablets, the limited memory can cause some stability issues if you are running multiple apps and tasks at the same time. But keep those reigned in, and the user experience using the Dell Venue 8 should be satisfactory.

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The 2014 version of the Dell Venue 8 is included in the latest batch of tablet testing by Discussion is brief, but covers the high points. Ratings are provided.


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The current version of the Dell Venue 8 hasn't attracted a lot of user feedback. We did see a handful of mostly positive reviews at, however, and the tablet earns a 4 star rating there.