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Adagio Teas UtiliTea Variable Temperature Electric Kettle

September 2013
by ConsumerSearch
Adagio Teas UtiliTea Variable Temperature Electric Kettle

  • Heats up quickly
  • Variable temperature settings
  • Easy to handle
  • Small water capacity
  • Temperature dial set to tea types, not specific temperatures
  • No chime or bell when water is ready
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Bottom line

The Adagio Teas UtiliTea Variable Temperature Electric Kettle is considerably more affordable than the Breville IQ Kettle but has a much smaller capacity. Still, it boasts lightning-fast heating capabilities and a strong, sturdy design. With a knob-style variable temperature adjustment for specific types of tea, it's a great choice for a one- or two-person household.


Heats up in minutes. The Adagio UtiliTea heats water to between 160 and 212 degrees Fahrenheit, ideal temperatures for delicate green teas to robust black teas, respectively. It also knocks heating performance out of the park: guide Lindsey Goodwin says her kettle took just 1.5 minutes to reach 160 degrees Fahrenheit and about 3.5 minutes to get to a peak temperature of 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Its variable temperature dial is set to tea types rather than temperature markings, however, so you'll have to remember where the sweet spot is for your tea leaf of choice. While most users say they like the UtiliTea's sturdy stainless steel construction, some complain about its relatively small capacity of 1 liter. 

Ease of use

Quick, efficient operation. The Adagio Teas UtiliTea Variable Temperature Electric Kettle has a clear strip to view the water, making it easy to tell how much is inside. Although its compact size may bother some heavy tea drinkers, cleaning it or filling it at a small sink is a breeze, notes The kettle's removable base swivels 360 degrees and its pop-open lid makes it simple to operate one-handed. A cool-touch plastic handle is safe to grasp even at a full boil.


Plastic components may compromise safety. Like the Breville IQ Kettle, the Adagio UtiliTea contains plastic in its viewing window, which could lead to carcinogen exposure. This is a hotly debated issue among Breville IQ Kettle owners, but almost no UtiliTea users complain about it. A reviewer at reports that the lid gave off a plastic smell for the first few weeks, but others specifically say their kettles have no plastic odor. The UtiliTea appears to be quite safe overall, and users like its reliable automatic shut-off function.

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While this informal write-up lists no specific methodology and doesn't compare the UtiliTea to other electric kettles, it helpfully reviews its key features from a consumer's perspective. Durand says she "can't recommend it highly enough" and calls it one of her "favorite appliances ever."

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This brief yet informative review lists the pros and cons of the Adagio UtiliTea, calling it "simple, stylish, fast and cheap." Goodwin doesn't specify her testing methods, but it's clear that she tests the kettle herself alongside other popular electric models.

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This culinary website features advice from experts and consumers. Here Chu names a few of her favorite electric kettles, praising the Adagio Teas UtiliTea Electric Kettle's highly variable control dial. However, she says it would be better if it featured a numerical selection.

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This write-up calls the UtiliTea a small yet very functional electric cordless kettle. Editors point out that its lid generates a plastic smell at first but that usually fades after a few weeks. Although the website doesn't describe any specific testing besides the fact that reviews are based on "first-hand and second-hand experience," the UtiliTea appears to have been personally tested.

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The UtiliTea kettle receives an overall rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 after more than 250 owner reviews. Most users praise the kettle's simple, effective design, but a few complain about its small capacity.

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