Tea Kettles: Expert and User Reviews

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Tea Kettles: Ratings of Sources

1. Cook's Illustrated Electric Kettles, Editors of Cook's Illustrated magazine, September 2016
In this latest round-up of hands-on testing of electric tea kettles, the editors for one of the world's toughest test kitchens put five stainless steel kettles and four glass kettles to the test against last year's winner. Each model is evaluated for qualities such as durability, water-level visibility and ease of filling/pouring. Elsewhere on the site, they also cover adjustable-temperature electric kettles and automated tea machines.
2. ConsumerReports.org Best Electric Tea Kettles, Kimberly Janeway, June 28, 2016
The notoriously tough editors of this independent testing organization tested six electric tea kettles to see if claims that they boil water faster than a stovetop kettle are actually true. Although the kettles don't received Consumer Reports' usual, extensive comparative rankings, they are listed according to their test results (boil times), with a few other comments about capacity, tea-making features, and the safety features of electric kettles in general.
3. TheSweethome.com The Best Electric Kettle, Tim Barribeau, Winnie Yang, Michael Sullian, Feb. 23, 2016
In this update to a 2015 report, Tim Barribeau, Winnie Yang and Michael Sullivan select another four variable-temperature electric kettles to test against the winning model from the previous report. Their lengthy, thoughtful analysis provides an excellent overview of the state of the modern tea kettle, and they've updated the article several times since its initial publication.
4. YourBestDigs.com The Best Electric Kettle Under $40, Editors of YourBestDigs.com, Dec. 5, 2016
The editors of this relatively new website conducted more than 45 hours of market research and a month of in-house testing to choose the best electric tea kettle under $40. They used a few key features -- including automatic shut-off, 1-liter or better capacity, and no known rust issues -- to narrow the field, then report back on overall performance, features and build quality for each model evaluated.
5. Amazon.com Tea Kettles, Contributors to Amazon.com, As of December 2016
Amazon.com is one of the very best sources for user feedback on a wide range of products. This online retailer stocks electric kettles, stovetop kettles and tea machines. Amazon is a particularly great resource for how kettles perform in real world use, as well as how they hold up over the long term, including rust resistance. Noteworthy products receive an average score of at least 4 stars.
6. Walmart.com Kettles & Ice Tea Makers, Contributors to Walmart.com, As of December 2016
Walmart stocks a wide variety of tea kettles—both stovetop and electric—and tea machines in its online store. User reviews here tend to be more thorough than those found in more niche retailers, but, unlike at Amazon.com, reviewers rarely revisit their reviews to provide durability updates. We take special note of products that receive a rating of at least 4 stars after 10 or more user reviews.
7. Target.com Tea Kettles, Contributors to Target.com, As of December 2016
Target stocks an extremely wide variety of stovetop and electric tea kettles in its online store; not all of them are available in the brick and mortar stores. Users review how well the kettles perform under real-world conditions. We take special note of models that receive a cumulative rating of 4 stars or better after at least 10 user reviews.
8. BedBathAndBeyond.com Coffee & Tea, Contributors to BedBathandBeyond.com, As of December 2016
Bed Bath & Beyond stocks a fair assortment of tea kettles among their housewares, including everything from stovetop kettles to a fully automated kettle that will brew tea for you while you sleep. Online reviews from customers who've purchased these kettles tend to be brief and to the point, which is especially useful when evaluating for key factors like durability. The top models stand out with a score of 4 stars or better after at least 10 user reviews.
9. BestBuy.com Tea Kettles, Contributors to BestBuy.com, As of December 2016
BestBuy.com doesn't sell stovetop kettles, but they have a good selection of electric hot pots and a few tea making machines. User reviews on this retail website tend to be short and to the point, and reviewers can say if they would recommend the product to a friend. Noteworthy models receive an average score of at least 4.5 stars from 10 or more reviewers.