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Good for sensitive teeth?
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    Est. $35 for 20 tre…
    Pros: easy to use, strips stay well-adhered, whitens teeth quickly, short, 30-minute treatment, noticeable whitening after full treatment
    Cons: can bother those with sensitive teeth
      not avail.
      Teeth whitening strips
      Hydrogen peroxide
      12 months
      20 days
      30 minutes once per day
      Yes, in general
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      Est. $25 for pack o…
      Pros: easy to use, can be used daily, safe for long term use, inexpensive compared to other treatments
      Cons: some dislike the taste
        not avail.
        Whitening toothpaste
        Hydrogen peroxide
        Daily to twice daily
        Yes, for most
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        Pros: whitens quickly, noticeably brighter teeth, easy to use, good value
        Cons: trays are messy, not good for sensitive teeth
          not avail.
          Gel and tray whitening kit
          Hydrogen peroxide
          6 months
          2 hours
          One time use