Go Smile Advanced Formula B1

  • Convenient
  • Can target specific teeth
  • Reduced sensitivity issues
  • Only produces slight improvement
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Bottom line

Go Smile: B1 Whitening System doesn't produce results as dramatic as professional teeth whitening. It also takes longer than other over-the-counter formulas to see results. That being said, the ampoule brush-on whitening system is extremely easy to use and can be applied anywhere. Furthermore, Go Smile: B1 causes fewer sensitivity issues than other popular whitening treatments.


For less dramatic whitening. Users say Go Smile: B1 Whitening System doesn't whiten teeth as dramatically as other formulas, probably because it only contains 6 percent hydrogen peroxide -- many of the top-rated formulas contain 10 percent. Popping the system's ampoules and then brushing the formula on to individual teeth activates the formula. Experts also suggest that because the gel dissolves on its own, it may not be as effective as Crest 3D White Whitestrips Advanced Vivid (Est. $40) because saliva can wash away the gel before it has taken effect.

Some testers, however, say they see immediate results with Go Smile. One user at MakeupAlley.com says, "upon first application, my teeth were a shade whiter." Others say that it only produces slight improvement over time, and some see no results at all. Editors at TeethWhiteningReviews.com say, "This system is best suited for teeth that are already white and need some maintenance, or if you only need to whiten a few individual teeth."

Ease of use

Use them anywhere. Go Smile is designed to be used once in the morning and once in the evening for 10 days; it is a good thing that the system's ampoules shine in the convenience department. Editors at Real Simple magazine say the formula is "a hit with impatient testers" because it only takes two minutes to apply, and it doesn't have to be removed. Users at MakeupAlley.com and TotalBeauty.com like that the whitener can be used anywhere, while doing anything. One explains, "I whiten in traffic now! It's super easy to use."

Reviewers also like that you can use the ampoules to target specific teeth without having to treat your entire mouth. The only downside is that you have to wait 20 minutes before eating or drinking, but that is typical for teeth whiteners.


Gentle. The low dosage of hydrogen peroxide makes Go Smile: B1 Whitening System a relatively safe teeth-whitening option. The only thing that could make it safer is an oral exam by a dentist who then approves whitening treatments.

Furthermore, both experts and users say the formula causes little to no tooth sensitivity, likely due to its low dosage of hydrogen peroxide. One user at MakeupAlley.com explains, "When used as directed there's been NO sensitivity for me."

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