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A Clinical Study of the Effectiveness of Two Different 10% Carbamide Peroxide Bleaching Products: A 6-Month Followup
by S. R. Grobler et al.
Our AssessmentThis clinical trial evaluates the efficacy of Opalescence PF and NiteWhite ACP, both with a concentration of 10 percent carbamide peroxide. The experts compared the two products side-by-side based on data gathered from 34 participants, who used the products for 14 days according to manufacturer instructions. The authors concluded that both products displayed significant whitening ability, although NiteWhite ACP was slightly more prone to relapse over a six-month period.
Not Dated
Paula's Choice Brighten Up 2 Minute Teeth Whitener
by Editors of
Our seeks to provide definitive information on the health, social and environmental performance of products and companies. It enlists a team of science and technology experts to thoroughly and systematically assess and present data. Paula's Choice receives a relatively low score for the company's environmental and social policies, but its Brighten Up teeth-whitening product earns a relatively high score in the health category.
Not Dated
At-Home Teeth Whitening: How Effective Is Do-It-Yourself Whitening?
by Linda Dyett
Our AssessmentIn this informative article about do-it-yourself whitening, Linda Dyett discusses several forms of teeth whitening and probes the key advantages of at-home whitening. Under the heading Dentist-Dispensed Take-Home Whitening Trays, Dyett summarizes and recommends several products, including Philips NiteWhite and Opalescence PF. Although Dyett herself does not appear to have any expertise in the field of dentistry, the article was reviewed by Larry Addleson, DDS, FAACD.
As of January 2014
Teeth Whitening Product Reviews and Ratings
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentThis website posts reviews of several popular teeth-whitening treatments. Consumers rate and review them as well. The Crest Whitestrips line is among the most popular. Be aware that there are many similar-sounding websites to, and most of them are companies pushing a specific product. This site is the real deal.
Clinical Comparison of Take-Home Whitening Strips and In-Office Light-Assisted Whitening
by G. Kugel et al.
Our AssessmentForty-four adult volunteers with no history of previous bleaching compare the efficacy of professional chairside, light-assisted whitening to a take-home regimen with Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal (now Crest 3D White Whitestrips Advanced Vivid). Testers saw similar results after 20 days (of daily 30-minute sessions) using the Whitestrips compared to the results of professional light-assisted whitening treatments.
Subjective and Objective Comparison Between At-Home and In-Office Tooth Whitening
by J. Da Costa et al.
Our AssessmentResearchers evaluate the amount of time needed for at-home whitening to reach the same result as in-office whitening procedures. Twenty patients participated in the study. Results show that five at-home whitening treatments (for eight hours per treatment) with 10 percent carbamide peroxide produce the same result as one 60-minute in-office treatment with 25 percent hydrogen peroxide. All of the products included in the test are professional products available exclusively from dental professionals.
7. Good Housekeeping
Not Dated
30 Minutes to a Brighter Smile?
by The Good Housekeeping Research Institute
Our AssessmentGood Housekeeping tests the Go Smile: Smile Whitening Light against its claims. Although it lightened teeth an average of only 1.6 shades, at least half of the testers were pleased with the speed and degree of whitening. Editors don't compare or rate any other products in this article.
8. Good Housekeeping
Not Dated
Two Minutes to a Whiter Smile
by Editors of Good Housekeeping
Our AssessmentPaula's Choice Brighten Up visibly lightened the teeth of two-thirds of testers at Good Housekeeping. The formula promises to lighten teeth by one shade in just two minutes. Most of the volunteers were pleased with the results and say that the formula is easy to use and has a pleasant taste. No other products were mentioned or compared.
At-Home Whitening Product Reviews and Ratings
by Sharon Boyd, RDH
Our AssessmentOverseen by a certified dental hygienist, this website offers reviews, ratings and recommendations for various teeth-whitening products. The reviews are well researched and provide plenty of background information on the products they discuss, and the ratings themselves appear to be unbiased -- unlike some similarly named sites, this site does not link directly to retailers, which adds to its credibility. However, Boyd does not specify whether she formally tests the products herself.
10. CBSNews
Jan. 17, 2011
Cinch Teeth Whiteners for Sparkling Smile Fast!
by Editors of CBS News
Our AssessmentBeauty expert Maggie Gallant discusses products that quickly brighten your teeth with relative ease. Crest 3D White 2-Hour Express Whitestrips is recommended as a fast way to get noticeable results. It takes two hours for one treatment, but can brighten teeth up to two shades. Other recommended products include Go Smile Whitening Light, Paula's Choice Brighten Up 2-Minute Teeth Whitener and dentist-administered treatments. Products included in this roundup are not rated, and it isn't clear if all of them were tested.
11. Woman's Day
Not Dated
WD Reviews: Teeth Whiteners
by Olivia Putnal
Our AssessmentThis article focuses on 11 products tested by 11 different testers, who rate them on a scale of 1 to 5 based on convenience, effectiveness, flavor and amount of sensitivity they caused. The article also features before-and-after photos of the participants. The highest-ranking products are Rembrandt Plus Peroxide Whitening Mouthwash and Supersmile Professional Whitening System, which get scores of 5 and 4.5, respectively.
12. Allure
Crest 3D White Advanced Vivid Whitestrips
by Kayleigh Donahue
Our AssessmentThis brief review of Crest 3D White Whitestrips Advanced Vivid says they "brighten teeth noticeably in only a few days, and the results can last up to a year. They're easy to apply and have no weird taste." Allure says its team of editors tests beauty products for reviews, but it doesn't provide any formal criteria.
13. Men's Health
March 21, 2013
The Best Ways to Whiten Your Teeth
by Moira Lawler
Our AssessmentMen's Health consulted Jonathan B. Levine, D.M.D., director for continuing education in aesthetic dentistry at NYU, for a few recommendations of good teeth-whitening products. They present them in four categories: For the Lazy Man, For the High-Tech Guy, For the Big Spender and For the Bargain Buyer. The article discusses the advantages of each product.
Not Dated
Opalescence Review
by Editors of
Our AssessmentThis review of Opalescence PF by the beauty-product retailer discusses the product's central features, side effects and effectiveness. The gel receives a 4.5 out of 5 rating and is named number 3 in the editor's top 10 ranking of teeth-whitening products. However, it is unclear whether the gel has been put through any kind of testing.
Sept. 17, 2013
2 Best Teeth Whiteners -- and the 4 Worst
by Amanda Montell
Our AssessmentThe editors at compile a list of the best and worst teeth whiteners based on a pool of hundreds of user reviews. Supersmile Quikee Whitening Tooth Polish gets the top spot, while Rembrandt Deeply White 2 Hour Whitening Kit is ranked the worst.
16. The Cochrane Library
Aug. 20, 2006
Home-Based Chemically-Induced Whitening of Teeth in Adults
by H. Hasson et al.
Our AssessmentResearchers seek to determine whether whitening is effective and safe, according to 25 studies published in scientific journals. The conclusion is that whitening products work. Differences in efficacy between the products are mainly due to the levels of the active ingredients: hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. It's noted that all of the trials were sponsored by the manufacturers of tooth-whitening products.
17. Good Housekeeping
Not Dated
Best Tips and Tools to Whiten Your Smile
by Abbie Kozolchyk
Our AssessmentGood Housekeeping discusses several tips for improving your smile, from basic oral hygiene to the best lipstick shades. A handful of teeth-whitening products are also mentioned, but it isn't clear if any of them were tested.
Aug. 23, 2012
Lisa Montalto
by Best Teeth Whitening Gel
Our provides "best of" lists in various product categories compiled by experts in a given niche or field. However, it is unclear whether the authors of their reviews have actually tested the products in question. Lisa Montalto summarizes and reviews a handful of popular whitening gels, including NiteWhite and Opalescence PF, which are named Bestcovery Best Picks.
As of January 2014
Teeth Whitening
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentWhitening products inspire impassioned reviews at, where Crest Whitestrips products receive the most reviews, many of which are positive. Crest Whitestrips Professional Effects gets more than 1,500 reviews. also has reviews of at-home professional whiteners, such as NiteWhite ACP, Natural White and Opalescence PF. Most of the user reviews here appraise the ease of use, change in whiteness and any associated pain.
As of January 2014
Whitening Kits
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentThere are many reviews at for teeth-whitening products, and, in general, the comments here mirror those at and other user-review sites, with Crest Whitestrips products coming out as the clear standout.
As of January 2014
Best Oral Care Products
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentHundreds of members rate and review at-home teeth-whitening products. Most products are only reviewed a few times, however. Only one product -- Go Smile Touch Up -- is reviewed by editors.
As of January 2014
Misc Beauty Tools: Whitening
by Contributors to
Our doesn't have nearly as many reviews listed for teeth whiteners as other sources, but it is a great supplement to user reviews at and There are only a handful of teeth whiteners listed, and most receive only one or two reviews apiece. A few, like the Go Smile B1 Whitening Kit, however, are reviewed by more than 90 owners.

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