Teeth Whitening Ratings: Expert and User Reviews Ratings

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Teeth Whitening Rating Sources

1. Good Housekeeping Teeth Whitening Products, Editors of Good Housekeeping, Not Dated
The Good Housekeeping Research Institute recruited consumer testers to try various types of teeth whiteners, for effectiveness and comfort. They also measured shades of whitening in the lab. Products were graded on a 5-point scale; each product gets a thorough overview, including pros and cons.
2. Men's Health The Best Ways to Whiten Your Teeth, Moira Lawler, March 21, 2013
Men's Health consulted Jonathan B. Levine, D.M.D., director for continuing education in aesthetic dentistry at NYU, for his recommendations for the best teeth-whitening products and procedures. They are presented in four categories: For the Lazy Man, For the High-Tech Guy, For the Big Spender and For the Bargain Buyer. The article discusses the advantages of each product.
3. TotalBeauty.com 7 Best Teeth Whitening Products -- and the 2 Worst, Editors and Contributors to TotalBeauty.com, As of February 2016
Editors of TotalBeauty.com round up the best and worst reviewed teeth whitening products of 2015, based upon contributor ratings. Each product gets a brief overview, with links to the product page for more details. The picks include pastes, strips, gels and kits.
4. Amazon.com Teeth Whitening, Contributors to Amazon.com, As of February 2016
Teeth whitening products inspire impassioned reviews at Amazon.com, where users weigh in on everything from effectiveness, to cost versus value, to pain versus results. We found hundreds, sometimes thousands of reviews for the top products, but we also noticed quite a few products that consisted of nothing but unverified purchase reviews, or reviews that were given in exchange for a free product.
5. Allure Teeth Whiteners, Contributors to Allure.com, As of February 2016
While you have to do individual searches for products, when you find them it's worth it. Editors of Allure.com give thorough reviews of almost every product they list, including testing, pros and cons, and feedback from users on their site.
6. Walmart.com Teeth Whitening, Contributors to Walmart.com, As of February 2016
Walmart.com is a good source for almost all whitening products, most of which get a good number of reviews, although not as many as at Amazon.com; we also found some products with reviews that had been imported from the manufacturer's website to supplement unique reviews from Walmart.com customers. User comments focus on ease of use, effectiveness and any side effects due to sensitivities. Reviewers can also say if they would recommend the product to a friend.
7. Walgreens.com Teeth Whitening, Contributors to Walgreens.com, As of February 2016
Walgreens.com is a popular destination for all things health and beauty related, and teeth whitening products are no exception. While most get just a handful of reviews, the most popular products can get hundreds or several dozen. One caveat: some of the reviews here were originally posted at the manufacturer's website.
8. CVS.com Teeth Whitening, Contributors to CVS.com, As of February 2016
At CVS.com, well-known national brands are well-represented, but are also intermixed with CVs generic brand teeth whiting products. Regardless, teeth whitening treatments here get far fewer reviews than elsewhere, and ratings tend to be quite low, even for products that are well regarded at other retail sites.
9. Men's Fitness 10 Toughest At-Home Tooth Whiteners, Hollis Templeton, Not Dated
We're not sure what makes these 10 products "tough," after all, some are just toothpaste, but the roundup includes the usual, popular suspects in the tooth whitening world. There is no mention of testing or expert consultation.
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