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Tennis Raquets: Ratings of Sources

Total of 11 Sources
1. Tennis Warehouse
As of June 2013
by Editors of and contributors to Tennis-Warehouse.com
Our AssessmentTennis-Warehouse.com sells every type of tennis equipment available. Their racquets include customer feedback along with in-depth reviews by experienced players of various builds and playing styles who test the products on the courts.
2. Tennis-Experts.com
Babolat Summer of Love
by Editors of Tennis-Experts.com
Our AssessmentAs an online retailer of racquets and other tennis-related products, Tennis-Experts.com dedicates an entire page to Babolat products. Many of these products contain detailed reviews based on user experience with the racquets.
3. TennisThis.com
Tennis Racquet Reviews
by Editors of TennisThis.com
Our AssessmentTennisThis.com is devoted to tennis advice and tennis racquet reviews. Reviews are thorough and based on hands-on testing.
4. Expert-Tennis-Tips.com
Not dated
Prince Tennis Racquet Reviews
by Chris Lewis
Our AssessmentChris Lewis reviews Prince racquets on Expert-Tennis-Tips.com, which also provides playing tips. His reviews feature explanations of how the racquets perform in each aspect of the game, specifications and a conclusion. The site also links to the online retailer Tennis-Experts.com, which provides more racquet reviews.
5. About.com
Not Dated
Buying the Right Length Tennis Racquet for a Junior Player
by Jeff Cooper
Our AssessmentJeff Cooper, a professional tennis teacher and About.com guide, explains how to choose the right racquet for younger, smaller players. He includes his rule of thumb for choosing a junior racket.
6. TennisExpress.com
Not dated
by Editors of TennisExpress.com
Our AssessmentOnline retailer TennisExpress.com supplies racquets, shoes, apparel and other tennis-related supplies. Occasionally, they post product reviews.
7. Amazon.com
As of June 2013
by Contributors to Amazon.com
Our AssessmentAmazon.com is home to a large number of customer reviews for the various tennis racquets they sell. Customers are encouraged to share their own experiences with the racquets and rate the products.
8. 10rate.com
Best Women's Tennis Racquets
by Brittany Rowland
Our AssessmentBrittany Rowland selects her top 10 choices for the best women's tennis racquet. She ranks her choices and gives a brief explanation as to why she considers them the best.
9. DicksSportingGoods.com
As of June 2013
Pro Racquets
by Contributors to DicksSportingGoods.com
Our AssessmentDicksSportingGoods.com is home to a wide variety of tennis racquets from leading brands. The website also allows customers to comment on each model, leaving a brief description of their experience with the racquet (whether good or bad).
10. Tennis.com
As of June 2013
by Editors of Tennis.com
Our AssessmentA site dedicated to everything tennis, Tennis.com allows players to compare and read reviews on a wide variety of racquets. The reviews provide a brief outline of the product and include pros and cons, specifications and a bottom line. Tennis.com also contains detailed reviews and tips from tennis professionals.
11. HowToDoThings.com
Not Dated
How To Choose the Best Tennis Racquet
by Brian McDonald
Our AssessmentBrian MacDonald covers the major factors to consider when looking for a new tennis racquet. He covers questions to consider along with brief explanations of common racquet terminology.
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