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kodiak Canvas 6-Person Flex-Bow Tent

Est. $450
April 2013
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Kodiak Canvas 6-Person Flex-Bow Tent

Cabin Tent

  • Quick and easy set up
  • Easy-to-use storage bag
  • Extremely durable
  • Very heavy
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Bottom Line

The simple but smart design of the Kodiak Canvas 6-Person Flex-Bow Tent has stood up to some of the toughest weather conditions and yet is easily assembled by just one camper. The secret is in the rugged canvas material, which is also the cause of its only downfall, weight. Lightweight packers stay clear; this tent weighs nearly 70 pounds.


Bomb-proof. According to the Kodiak website, the Kodiak Canvas 6-Person Flex-Bow Tent is for "use year-round, but not designed for extreme winter mountaineering or heavy snow accumulations." However, it gets rave reviews from owners for holding up in tough conditions. Tent reviewers often dub the toughest tents they review as "bomb-proof." According to testers and campers, few tents wear the title better than the Kodiak Flex-Bow. Not one review reported any leaks or collapsing issues despite adverse weather conditions. It has 14 guyouts and includes 2 guylines.

The Flex-Bow design means easy one-person setup, as many reviewers attest, and it works to keep the tent taut. The deluxe editions of the Flex-Bow include side vents and two more windows.

The Kodiak comes in four-, six-, eight- and 10-person configurations. The most popular models are the six-person and eight-person, which measure 10 feet by 10 feet and 10 feet by 14 feet, respectively. While they are quite spacious, reviewers comment the capacity numbers are unrealistic, and say they are more comfortable with fewer bodies.

Ease Of Use

Surprisingly easy setup. Despite its hefty weight of nearly 70 pounds, the Kodiak Canvas 6-Person Flex-Bow Tent is simple to assemble. In fact, many users claim they could assemble it alone in less than five minutes, guylines not included. As noted on their website, it was Kodiak's mission to create the Flex-Bow to be assembled easily by only one camper. Specifically, campers adore the storage bag, which many call "genius." Experienced campers will tell you it is often quite difficult to repack a tent in the tight-fitting bag in which it originally arrived. Kodiak solves this issue by creating a bag that wraps around the tent.

Inside the tent Kodiak includes a myriad of storage compartments. Campers found them to be unusually convenient and plentiful. The Flex-Bow also includes an awning, which must be staked down with its own guylines; a vestibule is extra.


Canvas strength. The secret to the incredible strength of the Kodiak Canvas 6-Person Flex-Bow Tent is the canvas material used for the roof and walls. Canvas is notoriously strong. Its unique ability to breathe, while still remaining water impermeable, makes it ideal for tough weather conditions. Add the 1-inch diameter steel poles and, as some users put it, the tent seems indestructible. It has a limited, lifetime warranty.

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Review Credibility: Fair While this blogger's review is from 2009, the tent design has not changed, and he comments on a few issues not mentioned elsewhere. Plus, he does not review the Flex-Bow until after a couple weeks use, which gives good insight into slightly longer-term use. From this page you can access his other outdoor content.

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