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The right tent will keep you comfortable in the worst conditions

A tent is your home away from home, so you don't want it to leak, fall over, blow away or take so long to set up that everyone's exhausted by the time it's done. There is a tent for every adventure and every group size, from the solo adventurer to the family on a camping trip.

Dome tents and cabin tents are great for family camping or for long-term excursions. Noted for their convenience and comfort features, these tents are capable of sleeping five, six or even 10 campers. Many have an optional screened or staked vestibule for hanging out in nice weather. Some are three-season tents made for recreational camping, while others are four-season tents that are intended for base camp living in conditions that can be severe. These tents are heavy and must be transported by vehicle.

Ultralight backpacking tents should be just that -- light. They also are designed to endure weather year-round: well ventilated for hot conditions and sealed for rainy days. These tents should fold compactly and, ideally, have a fast-pitch option to protect from taking in water during setup in the rain.

Tent prices vary based on size, style and features. Less durable tents meant for the occasional weekend family trip can be found for $200 to $300, while large tents meant for housing campers for a month-long adventure often cost thousands of dollars. The lightweight technology found in ultralight backpacking tents can hike the price up as well; such tents cost around $400 on average.

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