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by Editors of
Our tests dozens of passenger tires in four categories: Performance All Season, All Season, Ultra High Performance All Season and Ultra High Performance Summer Tires. (They also test truck and winter tires). Each tire completes a series of identical evaluations, receiving individual scores for braking, handling, traction, ride comfort, noise, rolling resistance and treadlife. Testing includes wet and dry conditions. Each tire receives an overall rating as well.
2. Tire Rack
As of September 2015
Tell-All Ratings & Reviews
by Contributors to
Our, a retail website, publishes an extensive, ongoing customer survey. With hundreds of thousands of consumer reviews, the site breaks down the best models of tires, including 13 categories of passenger tires. Reviews are restricted to the 20 or so brands available at the site, including Goodyear, BFGoodrich, Pirelli, Michelin and Firestone.
3. Tire Rack
As of September 2015
Tire Test Results
by Editors of
Our AssessmentThe editors of continuously evaluate tires as they are introduced to the market and compare different groups of tires within the same categories (such as max performance summer) using a real-world course and a test track. More than two dozen of their most recent reviews and comparisons were considered in preparing this report; older tests are also accessible on their website, but can contain inaccurate information as tire models are updated, so were not evaluated.
4. Car and Driver
July 2012
Monsters of Grip: Nine Summer-Performance Tires Tested
by K.C. Colwell
Our AssessmentEditors include nine tire models in this test, all of which fall into the max- or extreme-performance category and are capable of 168 mph or faster. Using former racer Spencer Geswein and a Tire Rack test track, each tire is evaluated for comfort, traction on wet and dry pavement, and overall handling.
5. Hot Rod
Dec. 4, 2013
Traction Test - The Best 200-Treadwear Tires
by Elana Scherr
Our AssessmentAll seven tires tested in this comparison are street legal, summer-performance grade, have speed ratings above 149 mph and meet criteria as a 200-treadwear tire. They use the Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 as the control tire, a Tire Rack test facility and a 1970 Satellite hot rod. Dunlop Direzza ZII is the clear winner; the Hankook Ventus R-S3 Z222, BFGoodrich g-Force Rival, Falken Azenis RT615K and Michelin Pilot Super Sport also post excellent lap times.
6. Motor Trend
Sept. 17, 2013
Performance Tires Explored on New Episode of The Downshift
by Alex Nishimoto
Our AssessmentMotor Trend's road test editor, Scott Mortara, teams up with Tire Rack Vice President Matt Edmunds and former race car driver Randy Pobst for this tire comparison. Using three test vehicles, they compare the change in performance after moving from the OEM to an extreme-performance and a maximum-performance tire. While the max-performance tires have more grip, Pobst comments that not all cars were capable of handling the extra performance.
As of September 2015
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentYou can find hundreds of tires on, including those sold directly or through third-party sellers. Some tires get dozens or even hundreds of reviews, but most get only a handful, and you have to factor in installation (and possibly shipping) into the price. There is also a vehicle selection process to find out if a tire will fit your specific car, but our testing showed that it can be inaccurate.
8. Motor Trend
As of September 2015
Tire Test Search Results
by Editors of Motor Trend
Our AssessmentAbout 100 tire tests are posted at Motor Trend, often as single-tire reviews. Articles typically include a thorough description of each tire's performance in wet and dry conditions, notes on handling and how comfortable the tire feels overall. However, most tests are organized by the tire manufacturers and results can seem a little skewed in favor of the hosting brand.
Not Dated
Mustang Tire Comparison: Continental, Goodyear, and BFGoodrich
by Jonathan Lamas
Our AssessmentUsing several 2008 Ford Mustang GTs, automotive journalist Jonathan Lamas tests three sets of ultra-high-performance tires: Continental ExtremeContact DW and DWS, Goodyear Eagle F1 and BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDWS. He completes five types of tests at a California speedway: dry handling, wet test, oval course, road course and road test. Though he doesn't name an overall winner, he ranks the best performers for each test.

Best summer tires

Dunlop Direzza ZII
Dunlop Direzza ZII

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