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Toaster Ovens: Ratings of Sources

1. Toaster Oven Ratings, Editors of, Not Dated
Editors of test a wide variety of toaster ovens for baking, broiling, ease of use and cleaning, color range, full batch and successive batch performance, and the ability to evenly toast one slice of bread. There are quite a few consumer reviews on toaster ovens as well, but editors do not take them into account. Products are rated on a scale up to 100 and are ranked against each other as well.
2. The Best Toaster Oven, Brendan Nystedt, Nov. 15, 2016
In the latest update of's toaster oven report, the Panasonic Flash Xpress, Cuisinart TOB-260N1 and the Breville BOV800XL ultimately come out on top after more than 50 hours of research and testing. The tests are well-detailed and include photos of the toast test showing how each oven performed in that basic task.
3. Cook's Illustrated Toaster Ovens, Editors of Cook's Illustrated, July 2014
This test was originally published in Cook's Illustrated magazine in March of 2011, and was updated in July 2014. Eleven toaster ovens are tested by editors of Cook's Illustrated. The ovens are evaluated for cooking performance, accuracy, toasting and ease of use. Two are Highly Recommended, one is Recommended (and is designated as a Best Buy), four are Recommended with Reservations, and four are Not Recommended.
4. The Best Toaster Ovens of 2016, Aaron McCarter, June 23, 2016
Ten toaster ovens are tested and then rated and ranked against each other. Each oven was tested for performance (including preheat speed and temperature accuracy), design, safety and convenience. Pros and cons are listed, and each oven also gets a summary that offers an overview of the testers' findings.
5. Bon Appetit This Toaster Oven Is the Kitchen Appliance You Never Knew You Needed, Rick Martinez, Oct. 22, 2016
Rick Martinez and an undisclosed team of testers put a dozen toaster ovens to the test and chose three to recommend. Which ovens were tested other than those three is not clear, and write-ups are very brief, but informative.
6. CNET Don't call them toasters: We test out high-end toaster ovens , Ry Crist, Sept. 8, 2013
Ry Crist and other CNET editors test four popular toaster ovens, including the Breville BOV800XL, the Panasonic Flash Xpress, the Frigidaire Professional 6-slice and the Cuisinart CSO-300. Each oven gets a thorough test and review, including pictures and comparisons to other tested ovens, and is given an up-to-5-star score.
7. Toaster Ovens, Contributors to, As of December 2016
Credibility: has hundreds of toaster ovens in all models and price ranges. It is an excellent source for real world reviews of toaster ovens over the long-term and to see how they hold up over time. It's also a great way to judge performance and ease-of-use from actual home cooks. The top-rated toaster ovens get hundreds, some thousands, of customer reviews.
8. Toaster Ovens, Contributors to, As of December 2016
Toaster ovens are well-represented at, which is a particularly good resource for evaluating reviews of more affordable toaster ovens, such as Hamilton Beach and Black & Decker. Many of these appliances get hundreds of reviews, and tend to be higher-rated than the same item at other sites. Reviewers have the option of noting if they would recommend the toaster oven to a friend.
9. Toaster Ovens, Contributors to, As of December 2016
Toaster ovens at don't get quite as many reviews as at or, but some get several hundred. They also carry a very good selection, with quite a few having overall averages of more than 4 stars. Reviewers can also say if they would recommend the product to others.
10. Toaster Ovens, Contributors to, As of December 2016
Credibility: again has fewer toaster ovens overall and they have fewer reviews, but it's still a good resource for some of the most popular products. Reviews are also broken down by both value and quality, and reviewers have the opportunity to indicate whether or not they would recommend the product to a friend.
11. Toaster Ovens , Contributors to, As of December 2016
Credibility: carries a relatively scant number of some higher-end toaster ovens, although some have a decent number of reviews. Cuisinart, Breville and KitchenAid are the top-rated products here. Reviewers not only can recommend the product, they also often provide demographic information, like their level of cooking skill.