Toilets : Ratings of Sources

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Toilets: Ratings of Sources

1. Toilet Ratings, Editors of, Not Dated
Editors evaluate more than 45 single- and dual-flush toilets. They test liquid waste removal using blue dye and consider how well flushing rinses the bowl's interior. In the solid-waste removal test, they use a mixture of baby wipes, plastic balls, sponges and tubes, and also evaluate noise. Each toilet earns and overall score, and a number of them rate "Recommended" or "Best Buy" status.
2. Maximum Performance Toilet Performance Testing, Editors of Maximum Performance, Not Dated
The Maximum Performance (MaP) Testing Program conducts independent tests of more than 3,100 tank-type toilets listed in a public database. Engineers evaluate toilets using a soybean paste and toilet paper to mimic solid waste. The minimum performance standard is removal of 250 grams of solid waste in a single flush, but many toilets are successfully tested with up to 1,000 grams. The database is searchable in a variety of ways, including model number and manufacturer.
3. Terry Love's Consumer Toilet Reports, Terry Love, May 28, 2014
A plumber in Bellevue, Wash., Terry Love reviews low-flow, water-efficient toilets based on Maximum Performance (MaP) testing, quality control at the factory, ease and cost of repairs, how they sound when flushing, how well the bowl is rinsed and perception of quality. He names a list of top toilets, giving them a rating of up to five stars. There are also links forums where owners weigh in on the toilets, offering their personal experiences with installing and using the toilet -- or asking questions about it, which Terry Love and others usually answer. This site also sells toilets, so recommendations should be compared to the opinions of more objective sources.
4. Toilets, Contributors to, As of October 2016
Credibility: is an online retail site featuring products for the home. It sells hundreds of toilets and many get hundreds of reviews from customers. Owners can also say if they would recommend the toilet to a friend. Reviews tend to be very detailed, and quite a few products have reviews that go back several years, making this a good site for judging long-term durability of some of the most popular toilets. is the authorized online retailer for Toto brand toilets -- one of the most highly praised brands, so is probably a must-visit site if you're considering a Toto toilet.
5. Toilets, Contributors to, As of October 2016
Credibility: sells quite a few popular toilets, as well as bidets, toilet seats and other bathroom and toilet accessories. Many of the top toilets accumulate several hundred reviews and reviews are mostly thorough and include pros and cons of the product. Some owners come back months later to update their reviews to give a better overview of long term ownership. Bidets are also reviewed here.
6. Toilets, Contributors to, As of October 2016
Credibility: sells hundreds of toilets, as well as toilet lids, tanks and other accessories. Rating and reviews are included on the search page, which makes it easy to find the top-rated toilets. Reviews are broken down by quality, value and ease of installation -- the latter an important factor in choosing a toilet for some. Many toilets get hundreds of reviews, and owners can say if they would recommend the toilet to others. We also found bidet reviews here.
7. Toilets, Contributors to, As of October 2016
Like its competitor,, sells hundreds of toilets and toilet-related accessories, including bidet attachments, and some get hundreds of consumer reviews. In this case, reviews are broken down into features, value, design, quality and ease of use, so you can narrow down your picks by which of those factors is most important. Owners can say if they would recommend the toilet to a friend.
8. The Family Handyman Tips for Buying a Toilet, Editors of The Family Handyman magazine, Not Dated
This detailed guide to selecting a toilet includes features to consider, cost and what type of toilet to look for depending on your needs. While specific toilet models aren't tested or rated, the article includes a few toilets as examples of those offering various features.