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Toto UltraMax MS854114S

*Est. $375
April 2010
by ConsumerSearch
TOTO UltraMax MS854114S

  • Easy-to-clean, one-piece design
  • Reliable flush performance
  • Seat included
  • Expensive for a standard toilet
  • One-year warranty

The Toto UltraMax MS854114S is a good 1.6 gpf toilet. It has a one-piece design that's simple to install and eliminates the gap between the tank and bowl that's difficult to clean. Owners say the flush is quiet and the included seat closes slowly so there's no annoying clanking sound. This toilet has a one-year limited warranty and is available in four colors. If you're not stuck on a one-piece design, you can save quite a bit by going with a standard two-piece toilet. The Toto Drake CST744S (*Est. $255) has a slightly higher rating for waste removal in MaP testing, and is said to be particularly reliable.

The most useful expert review of the Toto UltraMax MS854114S is a report published on the Alliance for Water Efficiency website. The chart compares more than 1,200 popular toilets on solid-waste removal using soybean paste and toilet paper. The Toto UltraMax is also recommended at, which features reviews from an experienced plumber. We found quite a few owner reviews on and A small number of owner-written reviews are posted on

TOTO Drake Elongated Bowl and Tank, Cotton White
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TOTO MS854114S-01 Ultramax Elongated One Piece Toilet, Cotton White

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Our Sources

1. Alliance for Water Efficiency

Engineers evaluate the Toto UltraMax MS854114S among more than 1,200 toilet models using extruded soybean paste and wads of toilet paper to simulate the real-world demands on a toilet. Each toilet must remove waste in a single flush without clogging in at least four out of five tests. The minimum performance standard is removal of 250 grams of solid waste, but the Toto UltraMax MS854114S successfully removes up to 700 grams. The report lists the toilets by manufacturer in a chart format that includes product features.

Review: Maximum Performance (MaP) Testing of Popular Toilet Models, 15th Edition, Veritec Consulting, Inc. and Koeller and Company, October 2009


Terry Love is a plumber in Bellevue, Wash., who picks the Toto UltraMax MS854114S as his favorite water-efficient toilet. He bases his review on MaP testing, quality control at the factory, ease and cost of repairs, how they sound when flushing, how well the bowl is rinsed and perception of quality. This site also sells toilets, so recommendations should be balanced with the opinions of more objective sources.

Review: Terry Love's Consumer Toilet Reports, Terry Love

3. is an online retail site featuring products for the home. They sell mostly Toto toilets, with many accumulating consumer ratings and reviews. Amazingly, more than 75 owners give the Toto UltraMax MS854114S a perfect rating of 5 stars. The site creates a nice summary of the pros and cons. The vast majority say the flush is efficient and it refills quickly. They also praise the sleek, attractive design.

Review: Elongated Ultramax One Piece Toilet 1.6 GPF -- MS854114S, Contributors to

4. is dedicated to providing information about Toto toilets and features more than 40 models. Consumers post comments regarding a particular model and rate the flush, ease of installation and overall satisfaction based on a scale of one to 10. The Toto UltraMax MS854114S receives an overall rating of 9.2 and a flush rating of 9.4 and an installation rating of 9.2 from 35 owners. Owners agree it has a powerful, clog-free flush, and the soft-close seat eliminating the loud clanking associated with a dropped toilet seat.

Review: Toto UltraMax MS854114S, Editors of

5. sells a few brands of toilets and most have accumulated a small number of reviews. The Toto UltraMax MS854114S receives a near-perfect rating from customers who say the flush is extremely powerful and it never needs to be plunged.

Review: Toto MS854114S-01 Ultramax Elongated One Piece Toilet, Cotton White, Contributors to

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