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Trail Running Shoes: Ratings of Sources

Total of 32 Sources
1. Runner's World
April 2011
Ground Breakers
by Warren Greene and Martyn Shorten
Our AssessmentLike its other running shoe guides, Runner's World's take on trail shoes is considered the gold standard in trail-running shoe reviews. Warren Greene and Martyn Shorten are arguably two of the most well-versed experts in the market, and nine models are selected in the 2011 installment in which shoes are wear-tested and evaluated. The Saucony ProGrid Peregrine earns the coveted Editor's Choice award, while the Merrell Trail Glove/Pace Glove and Salomon XR Crossmax Neutral share recognition as Best Debut.
2. RunningTimes.com
June 2011
12 New Trail Shoes Reviewed
by Brian Metzler
Our AssessmentRunning Times is a strong source for running shoe reviews. Here, 12 new trail shoes are divided into four categories: barefoot-style, minimally cushioned, lightweight cushioned and protective/durable. While each shoe receives a short description and feedback by Brian Metzler, Running Times doesn't compare or rate shoes, saying that selecting the proper footwear is a highly individualized process.
3. Women's Adventure magazine
March 4, 2011
Spring Gear: Trail Shoes
by Editors of Women's Adventure Magazine
Our AssessmentWomen's Adventure Magazine provides an insightful buying guide and reviews five different trail-running shoes. The much-praised Salomon XR Crossmax Neutral is selected, as is the New Balance 915. Unfortunately, it's unclear how the shoes were tested and how many were evaluated overall.
4. Shape
March 2011
Shape's Shoe Guide 2011: Find the Best Athletic Shoes
by Sarah Bowen Shea
Our AssessmentThirteen models are selected in Shape magazine's most recent annual guide to women's athletic shoes based on a variety of categories including "Best Walking Shoes" and "Best Shoes for Fitness Classes." Here, three trail-running shoes are chosen as favorites in the following categories: "Best Trail-running Shoes for Speed," "Best Trail-running Shoes for Distance" and simply "Best Trail-running Shoes." The new Merrell Pace Glove takes the prize as the overall best trail-running shoe; reviewers say it's light and flexible but provides ample protection.
5. Outside
May 2011
Summer Buyer's Guide
by Editors of Outside
Our AssessmentIn Outside magazine's 2011 Summer Buyer's Guide, editors select 12 models as top picks for trail running shoes. Each selection is accompanied by a short editor review. The Montrail Rogue Racer, Brooks Cascadia 6 and Salomon XR Crossmax Neutral all earn very high accolades. Unfortunately, there's no information online as to how each shoe was tested.
6. Backpacker.com
May 2011
Gear Guide 2011: Light Duty Boots/Trail Runners
by Berne Broudy
Our AssessmentAs in previous gear guides, Backpacker magazine focuses on gear and apparel for hikers and backpackers. Two trail-running shoes are selected as editors' favorites. The La Sportiva Quantum is listed as the best "Technical Trail Runner" and the New Balance 101 as the best "Minimalist Trail Runner." Reviews are nicely detailed and drawbacks are listed for each model.
7. National Geographic Adventure
Spring/Summer 2011
Gear of the Year 2011
by Steve Casimiro
Our AssessmentIn this annual guide, Steve Casimiro selects the must-have adventure gear of the year and chooses three styles of trail-running shoes as top buys: the Merrell Trail Glove for the minimalist style, Brooks Cascadia 6 as the best overall trail shoe and the Salomon XR Crossmax Neutral for shoe that goes easily from "door to trail."
8. FeedtheHabit.com
As of July 2011
Gear Reviews Archive
by Jason Mitchell
Our AssessmentJason Mitchell, the proprietor of FeedTheHabit.com, writes personal reviews of the latest trail running shoes. His evaluations are detailed and balanced, and while he provides a bottom line on each shoe, he doesn't rate shoes or pick favorites. Still, the site is a helpful cross-reference that fills in the details other reviews miss.
9. Women's Running Magazine
Spring 2011
Spring 2011 Shoe Review
by Jessica Sebor
Our AssessmentSixteen winners in a variety of categories are picked in this Spring 2011 shoe review. Each model is wear-tested by several runners, and the article briefly describes the benefits of each shoe and includes tester comments. Editors' and readers' choice models are selected. The Patagonia Specter and Saucony ProGrid Peregrine are chosen as the two top trail-running shoes, but it's unclear how many other models were tested.
10. Fitness Magazine
April 2011
Spring 2011 Sneaker Guide: The Best Running Shoes
by Lindsey Emery
Our AssessmentIn this Spring 2011 guide to the best women's running shoes, Fitness magazine editors select eight (four winners and four runners-up) as testers' top picks. Shoes are divided into four categories: the best running shoes for mild stability, flat feet, high arches and trail running. The Brooks Cascadia 6 wins in the trail-running shoe category, with the Salomon XR Crossmax Neutral coming in second. Each selected shoe appears to have been road-tested, but it's unclear how many testers tried each shoe and how many shoes in total were evaluated.
11. Men's Fitness
As of June 2011
Shoe Guide 2011
by Editors of Men's Fitness
Our AssessmentEditors of Men's Fitness choose nine running shoes for their 2011 guide. Shoes are selected to address a variety of needs, ranging from speed to cushioning to agility. Here, the Merrell Trail Glove is named the best off-roading minimalist shoe. Unfortunately, there's little information provided about each shoe, and it's unclear how each was tested and how many shoes were evaluated overall.
12. ActiveGearReview.com
As of July 2011
Trail-running Shoes
by Editors and writers of ActiveGearReview.com
Our AssessmentActiveGearReview.com provides more than 20 evaluations of popular trail-running shoes. Reviews are relatively brief and it's unclear as to how the shoes are tested. Still, the site does provide valuable information on some of the newer, top-rated styles. Since there's no rating system, this site is most helpful for finding information about a specific model of interest.
13. Trail Runner
May 2010
Trail Tested
by Michael Benge and Elinor Fish
Our AssessmentTrail Runner magazine is one of the best sources for recent reviews of trail running shoes. In its latest guide, magazine editors and readers evaluate 14 pairs of the latest trail shoes. Reviews are balanced and the best shoes are given Editors' Choice awards.
14. Outside
Summer 2010
Outside Buyer's Guide
by Lisa Jhung
Our AssessmentOutside magazine tests dozens of outdoor products for its annual buyer's guide. We don't see which products aren't recommended, but seven trail-running shoes (out of 24 models) earn nods here. Each shoe is rated for traction, stability and speed, and The North Face Single-Track earns the coveted Gear of the Year award.
15. Runner's World
April 2010
Spring 2010 Trail Shoe Guide: Stepping Out
by Warren Greene and Martyn Shorten
Our AssessmentRunner's World magazine reviews nine trail running shoes in this guide. An unspecified number of shoes are evaluated by more than 200 wear-testers, but only these nine are "the best for tackling trails." Unfortunately, we don't see which models don't make the cut. Each shoe gets a short write-up and some tester comments.
16. RunningTimes.com
June 2010
Summer 2010 Trail Shoe Guide
by Brian Metzler
Our AssessmentRunning Times is a great source for reviews of trail running shoes, but unlike Runner's World, the magazine doesn't assign awards. Eighteen models are reviewed in this guide that features balanced analysis and tester feedback. The shoes aren't rated, but several models get very positive reviews, including the discontinued Brooks Cascadia 5 and The North Face Single-Track.
17. Canadian Running
April 1, 2011
Making Tracks: Trail Shoe Review
by Gus Alexandropoulos
Our AssessmentAs in previous incarnations, Canadian Running magazine's annual trail-running shoe guide features numerous pairs of trail shoes, but there's no indication that they were tested. Each shoe is given a short paragraph, but the information focuses on the shoe's features and says nothing about user feedback.
18. Women's Adventure magazine
March 14, 2010
2010 Spring Editor's Choice Awards
by Kristy Holland
Our AssessmentWomen's Adventure Magazine enlists the help of dozens of testers to evaluate more than 250 pieces of outdoor gear, including bikes, apparel and trail running shoes. Each shoe comes highly recommended by the magazine's testers but -- as with most reviews -- we don't see which models failed to earn a recommendation.
19. Health
Not Dated
Health Gear Awards 2011: The Best Fitness Products of the Year\
by Rozalynn S. Frazier and Tiffany Melanis
Our AssessmentIn this annual roundup of the best fitness gear, editors of Health magazine select the Hi-Tec V-Lite Infinity HPi as the best trail-running shoe. Judges say it helps you "stay firm-footed on even the rockiest trail." It's unclear how many other shoes were considered in the selection process.
20. Competitor.com
Spring 2010
2010 Spring Running Shoe Review
by Editors of Competitor.com
Our AssessmentThe Competitor Group, organizers of the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon series, publishes shoe reviews on its website, Competitor.com. Trail running shoes are mixed in with road shoes, but editors have a useful rating system that specifies the shoes' fit, feel and ride according to wear-tester evaluations. Unfortunately, each shoe receives only one or two sentences of analysis.
21. Backpacker Magazine
May 2010
Gear Guide 2010: Light Duty Boots
by Editors of Backpacker
Our AssessmentAs its name suggests, Backpacker magazine's gear guide focuses on gear and apparel for hikers and backpackers. Even so, a few trail running shoes score a mention in this guide, which names the La Sportiva Wildcat as the best trail running shoe. Reviews are nicely detailed and drawbacks are listed for each model.
22. Shape
April 2010
The Best Women's Running and Fitness Shoes
by Sarah Bowen Shea
Our AssessmentUsing feedback from more than 250 female wear-testers, Shape evaluates nearly 45 athletic shoes and picks nine favorites, including two trail running shoes. Each model is tested by at least six runners. Shape chooses the Montrail Rockridge as the top trail running shoe for rugged terrain, while the Patagonia Tsali is named best for mixed terrain.
23. Fitness Magazine
Not Dated
The Fitness Spring 2010 Sneaker Guide
by Rachel Sturtz
Our AssessmentFitness magazine enlists the help of more than 100 readers to evaluate this batch of running, cross-training and walking shoes. Two trail running shoes are included in the guide. Even though the reviews incorporate tester feedback, they're brief and include few critical comments. Since this guide is more than a year old, the newer Spring 2011 Sneaker Guide (listed above) is a better source for up-to-date information.
24. National Geographic Adventure
February 2010
The Science of Speed: Trail-running Shoes
by Brian Metzler
Our AssessmentNational Geographic Adventure magazine has ceased publication, but new articles and blog posts are still being added to the magazine's website. Five trail runners are reviewed for this web-only article. Only a few sentences of analysis are included for each shoe.
Best of Adventure: Must-Have Gear
by Steve Casimiro
Our AssessmentIn this article on essential gear for 2010, National Geographic Adventure picks the now-discontinued Pearl Izumi SyncroFuel XC for its annual Best of Adventure awards. Tested by an unspecified number of wearers, it's the only trail-running shoe reviewed and the analysis is brief. It should be noted that the magazine's Gear of the Year 2011 identifies newer models as top trail-running shoes.
26. Explore magazine (Canada)
May 2010
Best Gear 2010
by Ryan Stuart
Our AssessmentExplore magazine focuses mainly on hiking and light hiking boots, but five trail running shoes are mentioned in the May 2010 issue. The shoes receive brief write-ups but tester comments aren't included. The Mizuno Wave Ascend 4 wins the Top Gear award.
27. Canadian Running
March 31, 2010
2010 Trail-running Shoe Review
by Gus Alexandropoulos
Our AssessmentCanadian Running magazine reviews 11 pairs of trail running shoes, but there's no indication that the shoes are tested or evaluated. The reviews focus mainly on features; the shoes are neither rated nor compared.
28. Buzzillions.com
As of July 2011
Trail-running Shoes Reviews
by Contributors to Buzzillions.com
Our AssessmentBuzzillions.com compiles owner-written reviews from online shoe retailers such as Zappos.com or REI.com. This site is most helpful for older shoe models, some of which attract hundreds of consumer reviews, but usually the shoes with the most feedback have already been discontinued. Newer shoes attract only a handful of user reviews.
29. RoadRunnerSports.com
As of July 2011
Men's Shoes: Trail Running
by Contributors to RoadRunnerSports.com
Our AssessmentRoadRunnerSports.com is an online retailer of running shoes and trail running shoes (with separate sections for men and women), and some customers leave comments on the site. Unfortunately, there's no way to sort by the number of reviews or see how much feedback a particular shoe has received until you click on the product page. Most of the newer trail running shoes haven't attracted many reviews, but it's always worth checking.
30. Moosejaw.com
As of July 2011
Men's Trail-running Shoes
by Contributors to Moosejaw.com
Our AssessmentMoosejaw.com is an online retailer specializing in outdoor gear and trail running shoes, and customers can leave feedback on products they've purchased. Most shoes don't attract many reviews, but a few shoes have a handful of comments.
31. Zappos.com
As of July 2011
Trail-running Shoes
by Contributors to Zappos.com
Our AssessmentThis popular online shoe retailer is worth checking for user reviews, but it's not the easiest site to navigate. Hundreds of trail-running shoes are sold here, but you can't sort to see which ones receive the most ratings. In addition, shoes have 5 stars displayed beneath their listings to indicate that owner-written reviews are available, even though they may not receive a 5-star rating on their detail pages.
32. Trailspace.com
As of July 2011
Trail-running Shoes
by Contributors to TrailSpace.com
Our AssessmentTrailSpace.com is a user community for outdoor enthusiasts. Owners can leave ratings and feedback on their favorite trail running shoes, but few take advantage of this opportunity. Most trail shoes have only a review or two, and those with the most ratings are usually older models.

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