Highwave JoeMo TC Tea

Best travel mug for tea

  • Strainer keeps leaves out of tea
  • Retains temperatures well
  • Leak-proof
  • Lid can be hard to clean
  • May be hard to use with one hand
  • Lid, push button prone to breakage, some say
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Bottom line

Highwave's JoeMo TC Tea travel mug might be a good option for tea aficionados. Reviewers say the included mesh strainer is fine enough to keep most leaves out of their drinks, and the double-walled stainless-steel body keeps drinks hot or cold for hours. But some owners say the lid is hard to clean, and others say the screw cap and push button aren't commuter friendly.


Keeps liquids piping hot and safely contained. Highwave says the JoeMo TC Tea keeps liquids hot for up to six hours. Owners back up that claim, saying the mug does a good job of retaining temperatures for most of the day. One reviewer even complains that his drinks stay too hot, and he has to wait up to four hours for them to cool down enough to sip. Most reviewers say the mug is truly leak-proof, and the JoeMo TC Tea didn't leak or spill in experts' shake and drop tests. The mug's mesh tea infuser also performs well, keeping most leaves out of the mug's body, reviewers say. There are no reports of condensation or chemical tastes leaching into liquids. The mug has a 14-ounce capacity, though experts say it held only 12 ounces in tests.

Ease of use

Can be difficult to clean. Experts note the Highwave JoeMo TC Tea has a screw-on lid that must be removed before users can press a button to sip their drink, a process they say "can be a nuisance." Others say pressing the button puts the user's potentially dirty fingers very close to potentially hot drinks. On the plus side, the mug's contoured body is easy to hold and fits in cup holders, reviewers say. The mug is not dishwasher-safe, and some reviewers say it's hard to disassemble and clean the lid, which has lots of nooks and crannies. Like all stainless-steel mugs, the JoeMo TC Tea is not microwave-safe. It does not have a carry handle.


Some potential issues with the lid. Reviewers have no complaints about the Highwave JoeMo TC Tea's stainless-steel body, which they say is rugged enough for everyday use. However, some owners complain that the plastic top isn't quite as durable. A few reviewers detail quality issues such as improperly fitting lids; others say the button jammed or broke after normal use.

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Editors say the Highwave JoeMo TC Tea is leak- and spill-proof, with a slim, easy-to-grip shape. But they say it could do a better job of keeping drinks hot or cold, and note the screw-on lid "can be a nuisance" for some on-the-go drinkers.

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2. Car and Driver

Though the Highwave JoeMo was leak- and spill-proof in tests and did a decent job keeping coffee hot, the toggle button means you have to put your hands near the liquid, testers say. It also only held 12 ounces, not the promised 14.

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The Highwave JoeMo TC Tea gets 4.2 out of 5 stars in 30 reviews. Owners say it keeps drinks hot for hours and is leak-proof, with fine mesh that keeps tea leaves separate from the liquid. Several complain the lid is hard to clean, and a few report quality issues such as improperly fitting lids and jammed buttons.

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Reviewers say the Highwave JoeMo's tea strainer is fine enough to work well and agree the mug keeps liquids hot for hours. A couple say the cap is complicated and hard to put together.

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