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Ben Bat Travel Friends on the Go Total Neck Support Pillow

Est. $15 to $30, depending on size
September 2013
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Ben Bat Travel Friends on the Go Total Neck Support Pillow

Best kids travel pillow

  • Machine-washable
  • Four sizes
  • Variety of animal designs
  • No removable pillow case
  • Doesn't compress for packing
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Bottom line

Travel Friends by Ben Bat come in a wide range of sizes and fun animal designs to provide the perfect support for children of all ages. It's not collapsible, so packing may be a challenge, but it is comfortable for kids, reviews say. People report using these pillows for their kids in car seats, strollers and other non-travel situations as well.


Variety of sizes and design options. Ben Bat Travel Pillows are available in four different sizes, specified by age range. These fun, child-friendly travel pillows are offered in appealing animal designs, and function with car seats fit for kids of different age ranges. Animal designs include cat, dog, mouse, penguin, monster and many others.

The largest size comes equipped with a pocket to hold iPods and other devices, and all sizes have both a fuzzy side and a smooth side for versatility depending on the weather. Filled with polyester, no inflating is necessary -- but that also means the pillow's firmness isn't customizable. Several parents posting feedback to complain that this pillow doesn't prevent a child's head from rolling forward.

Ease of use

Custom features to accommodate car seats. Ben Bat pillows are customized to meet general car seat requirements for children of various ages. It will take up more suitcase space than a collapsible pillow; however, most parents say it's worth the extra space to keep their kids happy and comfortable during long car rides or flights.

Magnets attach the side supports to a car seat to maintain stabilized support for the child's chin and head, and a strap secures the pillow to the car seat so it doesn't slide around. These pillows don't have removable covers, but they are machine-washable. Sizing can be an issue, according to reviewers at, so consider how big your child is for her age before selecting a size.

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BenBat Travel Friends On The Go Head and Neck Support, Chic, 0-12 Months

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Molly Balint praises and recommends the Travel Friends from Ben Bat travel pillows in this individual product review at The best feature, Balint says, is that "they come in a variety of sizes and choices depending on your child's age and car seat stage." She also appreciates the appealing animal designs.

Review: Road Trip Must-Have: Ben-Bat Travel Pillows, Molly Balint, March 15, 2012


More than 40 owners offer feedback on the Travel Friends from Ben Bat travel pillow. The Travel Friends from Ben Bat earns an average rating of 3.7 stars out of 5; most users say it's comfortable and kid-friendly. Most say the pillow fits properly, but warn others to make sure they get the correct size.

Review: BenBat Head and Neck Support, As of September 2013

3. Diapers and Mascara Blog

This individual product review covers the Travel Friends from Ben Bat pillows in detail, discussing the many sizes and designs offered. "Not only do they function well for head and neck support, but they are super cute!" says author Markie Hayes.

Review: Travel Friends Infant Pillow by Ben-Bat Review, Markie Hayes, April 30, 2012

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