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TravelRest Travel Pillow

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September 2013
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Best inflatable travel pillow

  • Use in a variety of positions
  • Deflates for compact storage
  • Elongated shape supports both head and neck
  • Changing positions requires strap adjustment
  • May leak during inflation
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Bottom line

The Travelrest Travel Pillow is a unique, elongated inflatable pillow designed to offer both head and neck support in a variety of positions. Users can inflate it fully for maximum firmness or less for a softer feel. With a removable, machine-washable cover, this pillow is easy to keep clean. The most common complaint is that the straps don't hold the pillow in place well, although some reviewers offer alternative solutions.


Versatile comfort with head and neck support. The Travelrest Travel Pillow earns positive feedback from most reviewers for comfort. This inflatable pillow has an elongated shape, offering support for both the head and neck in a variety of positions. While it's versatile for easy use whether you're sitting or lying down, changing positions midway through a trip does require some fiddling with the strap.

"The tethers work, and the long, curved design of the pillow gives a delicious sense of snuggling up with one of those full-body bed pillows," says Laurie Goering, who reviews the Travelrest for the Chicago Tribune. Because it's inflatable, users can adjust the firmness.

Ease of use

Complicated straps, but easy to inflate and clean. The Travelrest Travel Pillow is simple to inflate, requiring just three or four breaths to fill completely. It deflates for compact travel, weighing just 7 ounces. It has a removable, machine-washable cover for easy cleaning.

The Travelrest has two straps designed to hold it in place, although owners posting feedback to have mixed opinions on how effective they are. One user suggests "wearing it like a messenger bag by connecting the pillow strap to the bottom strap;" this holds the pillow in place more effectively. The other issue with the straps is that changing positions requires adjusting the straps making it cumbersome.

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Our Sources

1. The Wall Street Journal

Nancy Keates gives the Travelrest excellent scores for ease of packing and comfort level, although she does point out that it's slightly embarrassing to use. That said, the Travelrest earns positive feedback in comparison to other travel pillows discussed, second only to the Comfy Commuter.

Review: Desperately Seeking Slumber, Nancy Keates, Feb. 1, 2013


Erica Silverstein reviews a few travel pillows in this brief review, describing features and setup as well as how comfortable the pillow is during a flight. The Travelrest is the "hands-down favorite," enabling Silverstein to cradle her neck and head in several positions.

Review: Travel Pillow Challenge: The Quest for Good Airplane Sleep, Erica Silverstein, May 28, 2013


Nearly 600 owners contribute to an average rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 for the Travelrest Travel Pillow. Users say it's easy to inflate and better than a round neck pillow for preventing stiff necks from traveling. The elongated shape makes it easy to use in different positions.

Review: Travelrest - The Travel Pillow Reinvented, Contributors to, As of September 2013


Several owners in this forum thread recommend the Travelrest Travel Pillow, noting that it deflates completely flat for easy storage and is comfortable to use. A few bring up potential issues with straps, but these objections are overcome by other contributors who offer advice on proper use.

Review: Neck Pillows, Contributors to, As of September 2013


Caroline Costello gives the Travelrest excellent scores for usefulness, portability, value and durability in this individual product review. She awards this travel pillow a low rating of 2 out of 10 for its "cool" factor, however, but points out that comfort is more important than style when traveling.

Review: Product Review: Travelrest Pillow, Caroline Costello, July 31, 2012


Lois Friedland reviews the Travelrest in detail, discussing features, usability, comfort and other factors. The only downside noted is that it's difficult to keep the pillow from leaking while you close the seal. Otherwise, she says it's easy to store and offers good support for the head and neck.

Review: Travelrest Travel Pillow Keeps Head Supported During Airline Flights, Lois Friedland, Feb. 22, 2009

7. San Jose Mercury News

Reporter Ann Tatko-Peterson uses the TravelRest pillow during a six-hour trip. This comfortable pillow "keeps your head more upright, eliminating neck stiffness common when using travel pillows," she says, noting that it can be used in tight spots like the middle seat on an airplane. Her one complaint is that the inflation valve is hard to access, noting that "it felt like I might tear off the rubber tab used for lifting it."

Review: Gadget to Go: Odd-Shaped Pillow Great for Travel, Ann Tatko-Peterson, July 24, 2009

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