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February 2011
by ConsumerSearch

Best for booking hotels

  • Searches more than 130,000 properties
  • Unusual search criteria
  • No fees for changes or cancellations
  • 24-hour price match guarantee
  • Guest reviews
  • No price alerts
  • No mobile apps
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When it comes to booking a hotel, experts say the 130.000 worldwide properties available through are unmatched by or any other site. This site also allows users to search by landmark or address. offers numerous filters to narrow down these properties to the ones with the price, location and hotel rating you seek. You can also consult hundreds of guest reviews and ratings for most properties. Should you find a lower price online within 24 hours of booking, will refund you the difference. doesn't charge an additional fee to make a change or even cancel a reservation, but the property may impose fees of its own, and you are still liable for those. Although features other types of travel searches, experts prefer, which also offers email alerts about price changes and mobile apps, for those.

We found the best reviews for at PC World and We also read about two dozen user reviews at is the top pick for hotel reservations at, though that evaluation is older.

Where To Buy

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This article focuses on travel, shopping and dining sites. Writer Robert Strohmeyer praises the 24-hour phone service assistance at

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Known for personal finance advice and business forecasts, offers its recommendations for the 28 best travel sites. Stacy Rapacon names as the best site for finding accommodations, including last-minute deals.

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Like some other booking sites that are reviewed by users at, gets good marks, except from users who needed customer service. Some say they weren't able to cancel as anticipated.

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This article identifies 60 travel sites in 12 categories. is the top pick for hotel reservations, but the information is outdated.

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Bing Travel

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2 picks by top review sites.

2 picks by top review sites.

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