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February 2011
by ConsumerSearch

Best for traveler reviews

  • Millions of guest reviews available for hotels and attractions
  • Includes maps, photographs and recommendations
  • Allows users to search and compare rates from other travel sites
  • Navigation can be challenging at times
  • Quality and usefulness of reviews varies

Although users can't book flights or reservations through, it's one of the most popular sites for reviews of hotels and attractions. Experts and amateurs alike appreciate the huge archive of reviews on this travel site, and say that the accompanying photographs and ranking system come in handy when choosing which hotels and attractions to book in advance. Most also point out, however, that a critical eye is needed when evaluating certain glowing reviews, as many could be fake. TripAdvisor also includes a search engine for hotel bookings and flights that is similar to but falls short in terms of features and number of sites searched. is recommended quite often for its reviews on hotels and other travel destinations, rather than its search capabilities. is included in two lengthy compilations of travel sites at Travel and Leisure magazine and It's also recommended by We found older reviews of at The Washington Post and More than 50 user reviews at round out the picture for this travel site.

Our Sources

1. Travel and Leisure

A recent review of travel sites in 28 categories at Travel and Leisure magazine identifies as the top site to "find out what a hotel is really like." Writer Tom Samiljan says the sheer number of reviews at this site outweigh the occasional fake recommendations.

Review: Best Travel Websites, Tom Samiljan, Oct. 2010

2. is a source for personal finance advice and business forecasts. This 2009 update of travel sites by Stacy Rapacon includes as the site with the largest number of hotel guest reviews.

Review: 28 Best Travel Sites, Stacy Rapacon, Aug. 2009

3. Budget Travel

This article briefly discusses the five travel site recommendations of the editors at, based on their experience doing thousands of searches a year. They recommend reading guest reviews at if you aren't sure where you want to stay.

Review: Five Great Travel Booking Sites, Brad Tuttle, May 19, 2009

4. The Washington Post

This older compilation of travel sites focuses mainly on sites that offer special discounts or bargains, although some other types of specialty sites are included. Shapiro says he appreciates the "sheer volume of reviews" available at, though he also notes that site navigation can be a bit cumbersome.

Review: 54 Online Travel Sites to Bookmark Now, Michael Shapiro, Feb. 3, 2008

5. is a user-review site. In the travel category, receives one of the highest averages; users typically cite the number and general quality of reviews available, though a few suggest taking some reviews "with a grain of salt."

Review: TripAdvisor Reviews, Contributors to

6. is noted as a top travel-oriented social networking site in this older listing. The reason is the millions of user-written reviews. The ability to compare rates and book rooms via other online sites is mentioned, but discussion is very brief.

Review: The Ultimate List of Top Travel Sites, "Kevin", Oct. 6, 2008

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Bing Travel

2 picks by top review sites.

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