NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Review

NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Review
Bottom Line

Updated for 2016 with an adjustable tablet rest and quieter decking, the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 is solidly built and feature packed. Its 60-inch belt is ample for most runners' strides and the treadmill is built to accommodate users up to 300 pounds. The deck folds up to minimize its footprint when not in use.

  • Up to a 3-percent decline
  • Smooth, stable deck with great shock absorption
  • Internet-enabled touch-screen console
  • iFit Live built-in
  • Customer service concerns
  • Full iFit features require subscription

Breaking it down


Terrific for the price. The NordicTrack Commercial 1750 is about as solid a folding treadmill as you are likely to find at this price point. Its 300-pound weight limit is at the top of what is available in most home machines -- including non-folding models. A recent refresh made the tablet rest adjustable, and added technology to reduce the noise of your footfalls. The 3.8 HP motor (continuous duty) will keep the belt running smoothly under all conditions. At 60 inches, the belt is long enough to accommodate most runners, and the 22-inch width is wider than normal, adding an extra touch of stability and assurance for users whose gaits are a little unsteady. Two position cushioning lets you set the shock absorption level softer to reduce stress on your joints, or harder to simulate running on a hard-top road. Though it's no-longer unique in a treadmill in this price range -- or even cheaper -- the ability to incline or decline your angle (to simulate running up and down hills) is a big plus.

Ease of use

Feature packed, but not overwhelming to use. Users who crave all the bells and whistles they can get in a treadmill won't be disappointed with the NordicTrack Commercial 1750. Even better, reviews indicate that many of these features help users get more out of their treadmill. The 7-inch touch screen display is web enabled, so you can be entertained as you run -- and if you want to use your own tablet, there's an adjustable tablet holder above the console, as well as speakers and an audio input. iFit technology is built-in (though you do have to pay a separate subscription to make the most use of that). iFit syncs well with the treadmill to create interactive workouts -- for example running any route in the world that's been captured in map form, with the treadmill inclining and declining to match the terrain. There are heart-rate sensors built into the handrails, and a wireless chest strap sensor is also included.


Built to last. Experts give good grades to this treadmill's build quality. One review looks at durability over the long haul and reports that following a half year of simulated use, signs of wear were minor. Though has very little nice to say about the customer service offered by parent company Icon Health and Fitness (see below), it is impressed with the quality of this treadmill. "NordicTrack is quickly becoming known for making a solid quality machine at a bargain price," editors say.

Customer service

Hard-to-beat warranty, easy-to-beat customer service. The Commercial 1750 has an impressive warranty, especially considering its price range. It comes with lifetime coverage for the frame, motor and deck; five years of coverage for parts and electronics; and two years of coverage for labor. That's notably more robust than lesser NordicTrack treadmills. If there's a concern, it's in the area of warranty service, however. Fred Walters at says that Icon Health and Fitness has improved in that regard in recent years. "They've made vast improvements in both quality control and customer service, and consequently, offer some of the best value in the $1,000-$2,000 price range," he notes. The experts at, whose business is the repair of treadmills, agree with Waters as to the quality of the company's higher end machines, but as far as service goes, they still hold the company in low esteem, nothing that, "Icon … has the worst customer service in the business but we rate the machines by the individual machine quality, not the quality of their service."

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