Weslo Cardio Stride 3.0 Review

Est. $90
December 2014
by ConsumerSearch

Manual treadmill

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Folds for storage
  • Cheap
  • Noisy
  • Small belt size
  • Poor build quality
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Bottom line

The Weslo Cardio Stride 3.0's low price is the first thing to catch the attention of many shoppers. Those looking primarily for an inexpensive, compact manual treadmill usually come away happy, those who didn't realize how difficult a manual treadmill can be to use are not. Assembly and build quality issues are also a concern, as is the lack of customer service.

Breaking it down


Simple, no-frills operation. The Cardio Stride 3.0 is people powered. There's no motorized tread belt … or anything else. Instead you provide the energy that gets the belt going, and keeps it going during your workout. Some users love that concept, saying it gives them a better workout. Others are overly challenged by trying to get the belt to move, and some say the belt sticks or slips. Several users complain about noise from the Weslo Cardio Stride 3.0's belt, but it's quite possible they haven't followed the lubrication instructions in the manual, which recommend frequent application. Some choose to place boards beneath the back end of the treadmill to reduce its fixed 15-percent incline.

Ease of use

Manual treadmills aren't for everybody. As with all manual treadmills, you must grasp the handrails to keep from zipping off the back when you walk or run; this takes some by surprise. The simple build makes assembly easy -- as long as the parts fit together and the holes are in the right place, which isn't always the case. On the upside, the easy-to-read display and overall light weight draws praise. The Weslo Cardio Stride 3.0 also folds easily; you just have to remove a spring pin to lift the deck (which weighs about 25 pounds).


The usual budget treadmill issues. The Weslo Cardio Stride 3.0 receives mixed reviews for its build quality and reliability. Some of the most common complaints include a flywheel cover that rubs against the treadbelt, making an annoying, loud noise; electronics that don't work, no matter how carefully you line up the sensors; and parts that just don't fit together correctly when you try to assemble it. All of these are fairly common complaints for an inexpensive manual treadmill, and those who are willing to concoct their own fixes -- like removing the flywheel cover -- usually end up fairly happy.

Customer service

Flimsy warranty doesn't inspire confidence. The Weslo Cardio Stride 3.0 is backed by a 90-day parts and labor warranty -- which is exceptionally short. Feedback regarding customer support is limited. Most users that run into trouble either throw theirs away or return it for a refund.

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Weslo Cardio Stride 3.0 Reviews

1. Walmart.com

More than 130 Walmart.com users review the Weslo Cardio Stride 3.0 treadmill, giving it an average rating of 3.4 stars. We found a few complaints about build quality and a loud, annoying noise from the flywheel cover -- but those who can rig solutions for these issues end up happy.

Review: Weslo CardioStride 3.0 Treadmill, Contributors to Walmart.com, As of December 2014

2. Kmart.com

Roughly 30 users review the Weslo Cardio Stride 3.0 at Kmart.com. Several complain about parts that don't fit together correctly or issues regarding use. Still, 60 percent say that they would recommend the treadmill to a friend.

Review: Weslo Cardiostride 3.0 Manual Treadmill, Contributors to Kmart.com, As of December 2014

3. Amazon.com

We found nearly 20 reviews of the Weslo CardioStride 3.0 treadmill at Amazon.com, where it earns a 3.2-star rating. Those who love the treadmill and those who hate it are evenly split. Issues revolve around build quality and challenges in using a manual treadmill. Others, however, are mostly or completely pleased with the value and performance they receive.

Review: Weslo CardioStride 3.0, Contributors to Amazon.com, As of December 2014

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