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LEKI Traveller

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Leki Traveller

Nordic walking poles

  • Adjustable and easy-to-use hand straps
  • Adjustable length
  • Removable rubber tips
  • Portability
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Uncomfortable handgrips
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LEKI Traveller poles are specialized for Nordic walking. Accordingly, we found the best reviews on Nordic walking and hiking websites, where LEKI Traveller trekking poles are recommended collectively more than other brands.

LEKI Traveller Nordic walking poles are a favorite among Nordic walking (fitness or ski walking) reviewers, who say they are well designed for the job of shifting weight from the lower body and distributing it more evenly. LEKI Travellers get better ratings than less expensive poles, such as VIP Very Important Ski Walking Fitness Poles (*est. $70 per pair), for their easy-release trigger and portability. As their name suggests, LEKI Travellers are designed for traveling; the poles break down easily with a twist-lock system from a maximum length of 52 inches to 26 inches. LEKI Travellers are made of aluminum and weigh 16.6 ounces per pair. LEKI also makes lighter, albeit more expensive, Traveller poles out of carbon (*est. $200).

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Leki Traveller Carbon Nordic Walking Poles

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This is an excellent starting place for fitness pole shopping and research. It's a matter-of-fact breakdown of what to look for, accompanied by a buyer's guide. A link from this page to the "Nordic Walking Pole Adviser" recommends three models: Swix CT5 and LEKI Instructor for those who both hike and Nordic walk, and LEKI Travellers for those especially concerned about size.

Review: Which Nordic Walking Poles Are Best for Me?, Editors of, Mar. 2008

2. Adventure

This website is a wealth of information on hiking and walking, with product recommendations and video tutorials. LEKI Traveller poles -- specifically the carbon version -- are one of two highlighted as poles the site editors like, based on performance and collapsibility.

Review: Poles for Hiking, Trekking and Walking, Editors at


Right now, there's only a single review at for the LEKI Traveller. An experienced walker swears by the carbon version of these poles, but notes that a gap between the strap and pole irritates his skin.

Review: LEKI Traveller Carbon Reviews, Contributor to

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