Bottom Line

The paper-thin, easy-to-hide Mohu Leaf delivers powerful digital TV signals to your set without overpowering your room. It's terrific for UHF signals, and even performs well with most VHF channels.

ProsRelatively attractive and easy to hide, Decent effective range, Doesn't require frequent repositioning, Optional amplifier availableConsNot a great performer for VHF channels

Breaking it down


The Mohu Leaf delivers what it promises. Since the earliest days of TV, the marketing of "gimmick" TV antennas has been far more based on fantasy than on actual performance. Maybe that's why some are truly shocked that the paper-thin Mohu Leaf actually does what it's intended to. The company says this antenna is designed for UHF channels primarily but can receive high-band VHF channels (7-13) in areas where signal strength is decent, and that's confirmed in reviews. The omnidirectional design means you can just put it in place and forget it. A version that includes a signal amplifier, the Mohu Leaf 50 (Est. $60), is available and tests show that it can boost reception in some circumstances. However, some reviewers suggest that you give the unamplified version a try first, and add the amplifier -- available separately as the Mohu Jolt Amplifier (Est. $30) -- if needed.


Disappearing act. Its super-thin depth makes it easier for the Mohu Leaf to blend into a typical room than most other DTV antennas. One side is black, the other is white, and you can show off the side that better fits your décor. If neither blends well, the Leaf is also paintable. The alternative is to hide it behind your TV, which is what several reviewers do. But there's a caveat: Although the Leaf seems less placement-sensitive than some DTV antennas, the short 6-foot cable somewhat limits your options. If that's a problem, you can extend the cable yourself easily enough.


Good performer, but cheaper antennas might perform just as well. Reviews say the Mohu Leaf 30 largely delivers what it promises, especially for UHF reception. However, whether it performs better than some cheaper antennas is more a factor of where you live relative to your TV broadcasters than anything else. If some stations in your area still use low-band (channels 2-6) VHF, other antennas might be better choices. That said, the more unobtrusive design of the Leaf 30 might make its price premium worthwhile to some.

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