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Coby TFDVD2295

*Est. $235
April 2011
by ConsumerSearch
Coby TFDVD2295

22-inch TV-DVD combo for best value

  • Good value
  • Good image and sound quality
  • Compatible with most DVD formats
  • SD memory card slot and USB port
  • Low sound in DVD mode
  • Non-adjustable stand
  • Limited computer file support
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The 22-inch Coby TFDVD2295 is an excellent choice for those who don't want to spend too much for a feature-packed TV-DVD combo. Though it is cheaper than its competitors, the Coby TFDVD2295 gets raves from users for its value, performance and versatility. It has good compatibility with the most popular DVD and CD formats, a plus for those that like to burn their own discs. But while the ability to play back legally burned copies of CDs and DVDs that you own is on board, outside of the ability to playback audio files in the MP3 or WMA formats or display JPEG photos, computer file format support is limited. There are also slots for an SD memory card and a USB flash drive, but those are limited by the same file-compatibility restrictions.

Upscaled image quality from DVDs is very good, though it can't quite match the picture quality of a Blu-ray Disc player. The built-in 5-watt-per-channel stereo system does a good job delivering sound to small spaces, though there are some complaints that sound levels from the built-in DVD player drop noticeably. A coaxial digital audio output also lets you feed sound from the TV-DVD combo to an external home-theater system. The non-adjustable pedestal limits placement flexibility for the best viewing angles, and that draws some complaints. If you need or want an even smaller TV, the 19-inch Magnavox 19MD350B (*Est. $250) TV-DVD combo is a touch more expensive, and has fewer features, but draws nice comments for its picture quality.

As is the case of most TV-DVD combos, professional reviewers have not weighed in on the Coby TFDVD2295. Fortunately, user reviews are easy to find, and we looked to reports at and to provide a collective assessment of this combo's flaws and advantages. Though reports at are even more limited, it's still worth a visit.

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A handful of owners give the Coby TFDVD2295 a solid rating of 4 stars out of 5. Image quality and sound satisfies nearly all except one who says poor viewing angles stop this combo short of perfection. Another complains of limited viewing angles and that the inflexible stand makes placement a challenge. Otherwise, owners are happy with the unit's value and plentiful features.

Review: Coby TFDVD2295, Contributors to


Though there are fewer reviews of the Coby TFDVD2295 here than at, users remain satisfied with the unit. While the overall 3.5-star rating is pretty pedestrian, reading the reviews themselves reveals that all posting here are actually mostly to completely pleased. For example, one user notes that "the volume barely works" in DVD mode, but adds that the TFDVD2295 is otherwise "great" and that he would recommend the TV-DVD combo to a friend.

Review: Coby TFDVD2295, Contributors to


There are only a couple of reviews of the Coby TFDVD2295 here, but satisfaction echoes what's seen elsewhere. One calls it a good but not great TV, complaining about the non-adjusting stand and low DVD volume. The other is completely thrilled, saying it is perfect for the bedroom.

Review: Coby TFDVD2295, Contributors to

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