Chicco Ct0.6 6/Capri

Lightweight, umbrella-style stroller is easy to transport

  • Easy to carry when folded
  • Great for travel
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Not good for taller parents
  • Harness/crotch strap not adjustable
  • Lower weight capacity

Bottom line

The Chicco Ct0.6/Capri is a basic, no-frills umbrella stroller that can last for many years and for multiple children, but it can only be used for children from 6 months to 37 pounds, which limits its usefulness. For parents who travel with toddlers, this may make life much easier at a price that won't cause you to worry about the sometimes rough world of baggage handling.


Basic, but sufficient, safety features. The Chicco Ct0.6/Capri is equipped with a padded five-point safety harness that provides a measure of extra security for babies and prevents sleeping toddlers from slumping over. It has individual brakes, one on each back wheel, that are operated with a foot lever.

Ease of use

Easy to fold, unfold and lift. Owners and experts agree that the Chicco Ct0.6/Capri's 11-pound weight is one of its greatest advantages because it's so easy to lift in and out of car trunks. It officially has a two-handed fold, but reviewers say it's easy to fold and unfold. Some say they can do it with one hand once they get the hang of it. It pushes easily, and some say they can even push it with one hand on smooth terrain.

Lifestyle features

Lower weight rating. The Chicco Ct0.6/Capri stroller is only suitable for ages 6 months to 37 pounds (about 3 years old). The harness/crotch strap combination may be too short for some children. Its handles are short, so it's not the best choice for tall parents. It includes a small canopy and a small storage basket. The front wheels lock for stability.

Where the Chicco Ct0.6/Capri gets glowing reviews is for travel because of its long, slim fold and the included carry strap and carry bag. Parent reviewers says it's great for using in airports, at amusement parks and zoos or just to keep in the car trunk as a "quick-trip" stroller. There are many comments on how surprisingly durable the stroller is, with several reviewers saying they had this stroller for 10 or more years and bought another when it wore out -- making its cost of ownership very low.

Our Sources


Kate Bayless and the parent tester both give the Chicco Ct0.6/Capri 4 stars out of 5. Bayless says it's lightweight and affordable but also light on features. The parent tester likes the storage and the stroller's ease of use, but she says the stroller doesn't fit her 3-year-old son well.

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The 2013 edition of "Baby Bargains," written by consumer advocates Denise and Alan Fields, covers a variety of stroller manufacturers. The authors provide overall ratings for brands and for individual models. Their reviews take into account parent feedback and personal research and experiences. In the latest edition, they discuss Chicco in detail and the Ct0.6/Capri specifically.

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The Chicco Ct0.6/Capri stroller is reviewed by nearly 260 owners, receiving an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars. Parents find the stroller durable, comfortable and easy to collapse (with good storage). Some say the canopy's too small, the shoulder strap is too tight and the handles too low.

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The Chicco Ct0.6/Capri is included in this roundup of nine "affordable" strollers compiled by a blogger. It's a brief review that notes key features but is not comparative and does not seem to be based upon testing or personal experience.

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