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Caso My Vac 200 Hand Vacuum Sealer

Est. $80
July 2013
by ConsumerSearch

  • Small yet powerful
  • Bags are reusable
  • Easy to use
  • Best for dry foods
  • Lacks many owner reviews
  • Bags on the small side

Bottom line

For those who have had issues with less-expensive handheld vacuum sealers, the Caso My Vac 200 Hand Vacuum Sealer may be an appealing option. The My Vac is small and easy to use, plus it vacuums well without losing power. The bags are reusable, which helps justify the higher price point. However, owners note they often have issues with bags sealing properly.


Gets air out, but may not keep it out. The effectiveness of the Caso My Vac 200 Hand Vacuum Sealer depends upon the food to be sealed. Several owners love it, saying it works far better than cheaper models, but some reviewers disagree. Getting the device to vacuum isn't an issue, but some struggle with getting the bags to seal. Any moisture or grease on the sealing strip can prevent the bag from sealing well, meaning it may be best for dry foods, and reviewers who use it for dry foods don't seem to have issues. The vacuum also seals bottles -- a popular feature. There don't seem to be issues with it running out of power.

Ease of use

Small and convenient, but bags are lacking. CNET raves about the convenience of the Caso My Vac 200 Hand Vacuum Sealer, thanks to its compact size. The cordless design is also a huge plus for many users. However, one reviewer gripes that the large bags could be a bit bigger, and several owners dislike having to wash the plastic bags. A few owners say the bags work well for sous vide, though, and they like that they're freezer- and microwave-safe.


Higher price may not buy durability. A few reviewers have concerns regarding the durability of the Caso My Vac 200 Hand Vacuum Sealer, but it's hard to tell how prevalent these issues are as Caso offers a two-year warranty. The cost of owning a My Vac 200 also isn't cheap. Owners say the bags are pricey and some say they need to be replaced frequently. While the sealer may save money in the long run thanks to being able to buy bags in bulk, the higher upfront cost (compared to other handheld models) means it takes longer to recoup that expense.

Our Sources


Overall, reviewers aren't impressed by the Caso My Vac, giving it an average of 2.8 stars out of 5. Several say they have issues getting the bags to seal, and a few aren't crazy about having to wash the bags after each use.

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Though there are only a few reviews of the Caso My Vac 200 at, they are positive, averaging more than 4 stars out of 5. Reviewers say this item works much better than less expensive models and holds a seal very well.

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Brian Krepshaw's recommendation of the Caso My Vac 200 reads a bit like a press release. He doesn't make any mention of actually testing the My Vac nor does he discuss its effectiveness. His review focuses on the sealer's compact size and convenience.

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