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Seal-a-Meal VS107 Food Sealer

*Est. $55
February 2011
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Seal-a-Meal VS107 Food Sealer

  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Accessory hose
  • Good seal suction strength
  • Not hands-free
  • Very slow
  • Loud
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Across the board, we read mixed reviews for vacuum food sealers, regardless of brand or price. For that reason, we think it makes sense to spend less on something simple. The Seal-a-Meal VS107 works much like more expensive vacuum food sealers, but it does so a lot more slowly -- and you have to hold the lid down with both hands until the seal starts to set. It can take more than 10 minutes to seal a bag, users complain. On the plus side, two professional reviewers have good results with the Seal-a-Meal, calling it a good choice if you need to store items in the freezer for two months or less. The Seal-a-Meal vacuum food sealer includes an accessory hose for sealing canisters or wine bottles, though owners give the sealer mixed reviews for

performance, with some saying it is loud. It can use premade bags, but it can also use special rolls of food-grade sealing plastic (made of polyethylene plastic and nylon) for custom sizes. If you mainly want to use a food sealer for small items now and then, you might consider the inexpensive Debbie Meyer Reynolds Handi-Vac (*Est. $15) as an alternative. This handheld sealer is battery powered, and reviewers say the batteries don't last very long.

We found the most comprehensive reviews of the Seal-a-Meal VS107 Food Sealer in a comparison review of eight food sealers conducted by Cook's Illustrated magazine and a review of three vacuum food sealers on, a blog run by two Canadian shopping experts and television hosts. There are some helpful owner-written reviews at

Reynolds 00590 Handi-Vac Vacuum-Sealing Starter Kit
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Seal-A-Meal VS107 Vacuum Food Sealer, White

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Our Sources

1. Cook's Illustrated Magazine

The Seal-a-Meal vacuum food sealer is included in this comprehensive roundup of eight models. Editors seal poultry, meat, a fully cooked Thanksgiving meal, ground coffee and fresh strawberries and evaluate each after two weeks, one month and two months of freezer storage, looking for signs of frost and air leakage.

Review: Vacuum Sealers, Editors of Cook's Illustrated, Aug. 1, 2009


In this comparison test of three vacuum sealers, the Seal-a-Meal isn't the top pick, but it outperforms the FoodSaver model in terms of suction strength (editors measured using a pressure gauge). None of the models tested had bags that leaked.

Review: Vacuum Sealers, Anna Wallner and Kristina Matisic


About 45 owners have posted reviews of the Seal-a-Meal VS107 at the time of our visit, contributing to an average rating of 3 stars out of 5. Complaints center around defective units and long sealing times, but most owners say this model is easy to use. Complaints of defective units are more frequent among reviews within the past year.

Review: Seal-A-Meal VS107 Vacuum Food Sealer, Contributors to

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