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SousVide Supreme

Est. $429
July 2013
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SousVide Supreme

Best sous vide machine

  • Consistently great performance
  • Can set in Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Accommodates many dishes at once
  • No vacuum sealer included
  • Display panel not user-friendly
  • Large and bulky

Bottom line

The SousVide Supreme was among the first sous vide machines made for the home cook and remains the most popular. Compared to $1,000-plus machines, the price tag seems downright reasonable, and it lives up to expectations where results are concerned. It lacks a vacuum sealer and there are a few usability issues, but none are enough to turn owners off of the SousVide Supreme.


Perfect sous vide results. Reviewers say they can consistently prepare foods perfectly using their SousVide Supreme. Several tech-reviewers specifically admire how the SousVide Supreme manages to circulate water while maintaining a consistent temperature without a water pump. One professional reviewer raves that the Supreme can prepare and hold all the food for a 12-course meal. Several others also like the included rack for holding numerous bags at once.

Ease of use

Higher expectations for usability. Despite the excellent results, reviewers find some usability issues with the SousVide Supreme. The display panel doesn't have a countdown timer, and the buttons can be finicky and feel cheap. It takes many clicks to reach the desired temperature, but it can be set in Fahrenheit or Celsius. The most common complaint is the size of the machine, which occupies lots of space when in use. The bath is also difficult to fill or empty, as there's no way to separate the water bath from the rest of the machine. However, most owners say these issues are not enough to stop them from using the SousVide Supreme.


Added cost of ownership: vacuum sealer not included. Nearly every professional review of the SousVide Supreme knocks it for its lack of vacuum sealer -- which can mean another pricey purchase. However, several owners point out that it's not really necessary -- that basic zip-top bags will work. On the plus-side, however, there were no reports of breakage or poor build quality. There are several phone numbers and email addresses for consumers to contact, and the SousVide Supreme is covered by a one-year warranty.

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Our Sources


Just over 50 reviewers give the SousVide Supreme an average rating of 4.1 stars out of 5. Reviewers say the results are excellent, but there are flaws: a short power cord, an impractical lid, buttons that aren't simple to use, and no easy way to empty the water bath.

Review: Sous Vide SVK-00001 Supreme Water Oven, Contributors to, As of August 2013


After a month of testing, J. Kenji Lopez-Alt raves about the SousVide Supreme; it can prepare and hold enough ingredients for a 12-course meal with little active effort. He notes that the machine lacks a vacuum sealer, and like any sous vide cooker, it won't leave food browned or crispy.

Review: The $449 SousVide Supreme: Worth It?, J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, Dec. 28, 2009


Jessica Harlan is satisfied with the SousVide Supreme overall, saying she finds it easy to use and easy to clean. However, she notes it's expensive, very bulky and the lid gets hot to the touch. She points out that there isn't an obvious resource for help from SousVide, but this seems to have been rectified.

Review: SousVide Supreme Home Sous Vide Machine, Jessica Harlan, Not Dated


Wilson Rothman doesn't give a full review of the SousVide Supreme, but he says it's worth the investment for those who have the cash. He lists a few pros and cons, noting that the size and display panels are downsides, whereas the effectiveness is great. He concludes it's easy to use and works exactly as billed.

Review: SousVide Supreme Review: How to Cook From the Inside Out, Wilson Rothman, Feb. 1, 2010


John Mahoney recommends the SousVide Supreme, but his review focuses on sous vide cooking rather than on the machine. He writes, "a review of the Sous Vide Supreme is more a review of sous vide cooking ... because the machine only has to do one easy job. And based on my experience, it does that job just fine."

Review: Sous Vide Supreme Review: The Tenderest Meats, From the Science Lab to Your Home Kitchen, John Mahoney, Jan. 25, 2010

6. Cook's Illustrated Magazine

Cook's Illustrated's November 2010 review of sous vide machines includes only the SousVide Supreme, and it is recommended. Like other reviewers, editors knock the SousVide Supreme for not including any means of vacuum sealing foods.

Review: Sous Vide Machine, Editors of Cook's Illustrated magazine, Nov. 1, 2010

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