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Sony SLV-D380P

*Est. $100
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Sony SLV-D380P

DVD player/VCR combo

  • Plays VHS, standard DVDs, CDs
  • Good picture quality
  • No tuner
  • Expensive

We scanned reviews at, PC World magazine and for reviews of the Sony SLV-D380P DVD-VCR combo player. The consensus on the Sony SLV-D380P varies on each. The lowest overall ratings are at, but many of the harshest critics there say they were unaware they were buying a VCR with no tuner. The ratings are higher at

Most owner reviews give the Sony SLV-D380P DVD/VCR combo player high marks, with one note of caution: More than a few user reviews say they did not know the Sony SLV-D380P lacked a tuner until after they bought it. That's not a problem if you just want to watch VHS tapes rather than record, or if you want to record and have a cable box or satellite receiver, but if you get TV reception via an antenna, you can't record TV shows with a tunerless player like the Sony. Otherwise, owner reviews say the picture quality is good. It also plays audio CDs and photos on CDs and DVDs, and you can watch a DVD while recording a TV show on the VCR. The downside is that the Sony SLV-D380P is still a bit expensive considering that you could buy a standalone DVD player and separate VCR for less.

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About 40 users give the Sony SLV-D380P an average score of three stars out of five. It's worth noting that most of the lowest scores came from buyers who did not understand the Sony DVD/VCR combo player has no tuner.

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2. PC World

A handful of owner reviews give the Sony SLV-D380P DVD/VCR combo player good average scores. A couple of users note the absence of a tuner as a weakness.

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3. sells refurbished, not new, Sony SLV-D380P DVD/VCRs. Almost all of the owner ratings, about 20 total, indicate very high satisfaction with the product.

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