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Sony PSP 3000

*Est. $170
November 2009
by ConsumerSearch
Sony PSP 3000

  • Large, 4.3-inch LCD display
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Skype
  • Good graphics and game selection
  • Interlacing artifacts on the screen
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When it comes to handheld video game consoles, reviewers think the Sony PSP 3000 is the best bet for serious gamers, since it offers more realistic graphics and a larger game library than the Nintendo DSi (*Est. $170). The Sony PSP 3000 includes a large, 4.3-inch LCD display in addition to built-in Wi-Fi, Skype and audio/video playback. The display on the PSP 3000 is richer and sharper than its predecessor, and owners say the game console is fun to play with a great assortment of games.

However, some experts note interlacing artifacts on the screen, which look like faint horizontal lines during fast-motion games. This is a serious downside for a gaming console, but most reviewers are willing to forgive it because the display looks good overall. Sony just released a newer handheld console, the Sony PSP Go, which will be sold in addition to the PSP 3000. However, the PSP Go gets mediocre reviews and most experts say it's horribly overpriced. Overall, most reviewers prefer the Sony PSP 3000.

We found the best review of the Sony PSP 3000 at CNET, which covers nearly every video game console on the market. Reviews at CNET are richly detailed and based on extensive testing. We also found helpful reviews at and, and user reviews at help round out the coverage.

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John Falcone at CNET gives the Sony PSP 3000 an "excellent" rating, saying it has tons of great games with better graphics performance than the Nintendo handhelds. While he calls it a "solid" console, visible lines are noticeable on the display during his testing.

Review: Sony PSP 3000 (Black), John Falcone, Updated Sept. 28, 2009


Chris Chiarella calls the Sony PSP 3000 "one of the best handheld gaming systems on the market." He particularly appreciates the upgraded screen and slight redesign, although he thinks it would be even better with a keyboard.

Review: Sony PSP 3000 Review, Chris Chiarella, November 17, 2008


Jim Hill at England's gives the Sony PSP 3000 an overall rating of four stars out of five. While he regrets that it's pricier than the PS 2000, he notes that the display is much improved. Overall, he says the PSP 3000 is a "welcome change to an old classic."

Review: Sony PSP-3000 Review, Jim Hill, Oct. 13, 2008


The Sony PSP 3000 gets high marks for its lighter design and brighter display from Peter Ha at He also notices the interlacing artifacts on the display, but like a few other reviewers, it doesn't bother him much.

Review: Review: Sony PSP-3000, Peter Ha, Oct. 23, 2008


Jason Chen says the display on the Sony PSP 3000 is much improved over the PSP 2000. The screen is noticeably brighter, with better contrast. While he notices the interlacing artifacts, he says they are really not that bad.

Review: Sony PSP 3000 Review, Jason Chen, Oct. 23, 2008


Almost 60 owners have reviewed the Sony PSP 3000 so far, and the reviews are highly positive. A plethora of games and movies is one of the biggest pluses, although several owners note problems with their screen.

Review: PSP 3000, Contributors to


Over 50 owners at also give the Sony PSP 3000 high marks. Most owners rave about the game performance, and about 90 percent would recommend it to a friend.

Review: Sony - PSP-3000 Core Pack System (Piano Black), Contributors to

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