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Cox Communications VoIP

*Est. $12 to $40 per month
May 2012
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Cox Communications Digital Telephone

  • Best call quality, reliability in West and East U.S.
  • Highly rated in the South
  • Can bundle with TV, Internet for savings
  • Broadband not required
  • Expensive unless it's part of a package

Reviews say cable VoIP generally provides more consistently high call quality and reliability than other VoIP services. In the most recent J.D. Power and Associates survey of over 21,000 phone users, Cox is the award winner for the western U.S. as well as in the East, and rates well in the South. Cox is unique, however, in not requiring a subscription to TV or broadband in order to get phone service -- though bundling services can save money. If you make a lot of overseas calls, however, you might want to save money by adding Skype (free) or using Vonage (Est. $12 per month and up) instead of cable.

The J.D. Power and Associates survey is valuable because it indicates the telephone service providers by area of the country. doesn't do this, but does compare Cox and other cable VoIP providers with several traditional VoIP services such as Vonage and Skype. Most VoIP reviews don't include specific cable providers, even though cable now dominates the market. We found just a handful of user-written reviews for Cox cable at

Our Sources

1. J.D. Power and Associates

This survey of over 21,000 phone users provides ratings of telephone service providers in four geographic areas of the U.S. Cox ranks first in the West and the East, with perfect scores on all factors, except for cost of service. Performance is also good in the South, where Cox is also rated highly.

Review: 2011 Residential Telephone Service Provider Ratings, Editors of J.D. Power and Associates, September 2011


Cox VoIP is among the 12 VoIP services ranked in this report about phone service providers. However, you need a subscription to see the chart.

Review: Phone Service Ratings, Editors of, May 2011


Only a handful of users review and rate Cox VoIP here; they're spread across the U.S.

Review: Cox VoIP, Editors of and contributors to

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