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Phone Power

*Est. $15 and up per month
May 2012
by ConsumerSearch
Phone Power!

  • 30-day trial period
  • Virtual second line
  • Good features, call quality
  • Supports enhanced 911 calls
  • Technical support gets mixed reviews
  • Prepayment not prorated after 30-day trial

Reviews recommend Phone Power primarily for its pricing -- $20 per month, or less with a contract ($17 per month for a year or $15 a month for two years). Local and long distance calling within the U.S. and Canada are included in these plans. However, Vonage (Est. $12 per month and up) now offers basic plans that cost less. Phone Power includes a virtual second line so two people can be on the phone at the same time, and international calls are priced very competitively, with 60 minutes of free calling to selected countries. Reviews say call quality and basic features compare favorably with those of Vonage, but technical support gets mixed reviews. The same is true for Ooma (Est. $150 for hardware), but Ooma can be even less expensive, since once you buy the hardware domestic calls are free forever.

We found the best reviews of Phone Power at, where editors update their consolidated ratings weekly, based on the past six months of users' reviews. Phone Power is in first place in the 2012 VoIP providers roundup at We found even more reviews from users at, but comparisons aren't as clear there. Fewer users review Phone Power at, but the comments are still useful. Reviews at three other sites recommend Phone Power but don't document any testing.

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Awarded the gold medal by the editors of in their 2013 VoIP service providers review, Phone Power is praised for its customer service as well as its abundance of useful features. The editors cite the cancellation fee as Phone Power's only drawback.

Review: Phone Power, Editors of, Not dated


Phone Power is one of the top-rated VoIP providers here, one of only a few services earning a Gold award, based on positive user-written reviews over the past six months. Over 180 users review Phone Power, mostly praising its features, call quality and technical support.

Review: Phone Power, Contributors to, As of July 2013


Phone Power gets the highest possible ratings here, along with Vonage, VoIP and It offers the most features for the lowest price, but the review warns that after the initial 30-day period there's no prorated refund for canceling a prepaid contract.

Review: Phone Power Review: VoIP, Editors of, Not dated


Phone Power is one of the top-rated VoIP providers here, based on over 130 user-written reviews and ratings. A few users complain of various issues, but most reviews are positive. Some users provide useful tips on setting up and testing the service during the trial period.

Review: Voip Service Provider Reviews and Ratings, Contributors to, As of July 2013


Phone Power is a highly rated VoIP provider based on owner-written reviews and ratings here. Of the more than 200 users reviewing Phone Power, the majority recommend it, with an overall rating of 4.4 stars out of 5. Technical support gets mixed reviews.

Review: Phone Power Reviews, Contributors to, As of July 2013


Briefly comparing several VoIP providers, this review recommends trying Phone Power since it offers the most for the money and you can try it for a month without further obligation.

Review: Internet Phone Service Plans, Editors of, Not dated

7. My Rate Plan

Phone Power is the least expensive of the three VoIP services recommended here. Editors say they've screened all three services for 911 access, but don't document any other testing.

Review: VoIP: Phone Service via Internet, Editors of MyRatePlan .com, Not dated

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