Est. $12 per month and up
July 2013
by ConsumerSearch

  • Reasonable price
  • More features than most
  • Unlimited virtual numbers
  • Some international calling included
  • Some complaints about technical support
  • Inconsistent call quality

Bottom line

Vonage (Est. $12 per month and up) is one of the most popular VoIP services with expert reviews. Reviews say call quality is often excellent, but less consistently so than with most cable VoIP. However, Vonage is less expensive, especially for international rates. Overall, reviewers say Vonage is the most full-featured VoIP provider, with many free and add-on features.


Highly recommended. Reviews say cable company VoIP usually provides the best call quality, but among traditional VoIP providers, Vonage earns more recommendations than any other. Reviewers say that, not only is call quality very good to excellent, it's consistent as well. However, a few user reviewers disagree, stating that the sound quality is often poor.

Plans and costs

Large variety of plans. Vonage is a subscription service: you get a free adapter that plugs your phone into your Internet connection, and then you pay a monthly fee for access. Vonage's basic plan (Est. $12 per month) gives 300 minutes, which include calls within the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada; the 700-minute plan to the same countries is $20 monthly.

The unlimited plan for calling these countries is $25 per month. The World plan (Est. $25 per month) includes unlimited calls to landline phones in more than 60 countries by landline and 10 countries on your mobile phone. The Vonage mobile app is available at no cost.


Most features of any VoIP service. Reviewers say Vonage is the most full-featured VoIP provider, with many free and add-on features. You get a lot of extras with Vonage, including call waiting, caller ID, visual voice mail (messages are transcribed and sent to you by email or text) and even weather alerts. Your callers can also save money, since Vonage offers unlimited virtual phone numbers in most area codes -- plus local access numbers in many parts of the world.

This means friends and family can call you from distant areas without paying long-distance charges. In addition, you can adjust the bandwidth to use Vonage with a slower broadband connection.

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