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Gas wall ovens aim to please where it counts most -- baking performance

The vast majority of today's wall ovens are electric, but users who are replacing an existing gas oven may prefer or need a gas model. According to experts, gas ovens generally do not heat as quickly or evenly as electric ovens. Gas ovens are naturally hotter at the top and cooler at the bottom, so food cooked on multiple racks must be rotated regularly for even browning. On the plus side, gas ovens are less likely to dry out food than electric ovens without a convection fan. This makes them a good choice for roasts, dense and moist cakes and heavy casseroles that need to be kept moist.

Because gas wall ovens are far less common today than electric ones, they have not been included in any professional tests. However, we found excellent user reviews for the Maytag CWG3100AA (Est. $900) . At 24 inches wide, this single wall oven is smaller than most electric models. It has a 2.7-cubic-foot capacity, a separate broiler tray (with the broiler pan included), touchpad electronic controls and a delay-start feature, which allows you to program a start time for cooking. This oven is available in black, white or (for an extra $200 or so) stainless steel. It comes with a one-year warranty.

We found more than 200 reviews combined for the Maytag CWG3100AA at,, and For most users this oven's small size seems to be a plus as it fits into existing wall oven spots (for those replacing what they already have), but some users express dissatisfaction that the oven is not wide enough to accommodate a large roasting pan or a full-size cookie sheet. Its quick heating and simple controls are also popular features, and several owners note it is easy to clean, despite the lack of a self-cleaning cycle. Though a few users complain that the oven looks cheap or seems flimsy, only a few report actual durability problems.

Another smaller gas oven that gets good feedback from users is the Frigidaire FGB24L2 (Est. $950) . The 24-inch wall oven has a capacity of 3.2 cubic feet with a separate broiler tray and touchpad controls. A self-cleaning cycle and a convection fan are not available on this Frigidaire, which is backed by a one-year warranty, and it comes in white or black; stainless steel is available for an extra $150 or so.

We found more than 40 user reviews for this wall oven at, plus a few more at, and nearly all of them are positive. As with the Maytag wall oven, this oven's smaller size is a positive for most users replacing an existing wall oven. We also saw several complaints about the gas hookup, which is in an awkward spot making the oven tricky to install. Users generally seem pleased with this oven's performance and say it is a great value.

We ultimately chose to list the Maytag CWG3100AA as our top gas wall oven, because it gets high praise for its performance and ease of use.

Maytag CWG3100AAE 24" White Gas Single Wall Oven
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