Edgestar CWD1510W Review

Est. $1,000
August 2014
by ConsumerSearch
EdgeStar CWD1510W Review

Cheap washer-dryer combo

  • Good washing performance
  • No vent needed
  • Great value
  • Drying takes a long time, is often incomplete
  • Few features
  • Small capacity
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Bottom line

EdgeStar isn't as well-known of a name as GE, LG or Whirlpool, but reports indicate that among washer-dryer combos, it has a winner in the CWD1510W (Est. $1,000). It's undeniable that some corners have been cut to achieve its low price, but reviewers say this combo performs just as well in getting clothes clean -- and just as wonky in getting them dry -- as most competing combos. The Midea MFL70 D1211S is the same washer-combo; only the branding is changed

Breaking it down


Great washer, dryer not-so much. Like all similar washer-dryer combos, going ventless has its costs. Those manifest themselves in long drying times, with clothes often coming out slightly (or very) damp. The trade-off is an all-in-one laundry appliance that can be installed where others can't. Performance complaints almost exclusively revolve around the aforementioned drying issues. Others -- especially those who understood the drawbacks with condenser drying that this and similar ventless machines use -- come away mostly pleased, and in most cases user and professional feedback for the EdgeStar CWD1510W is positive overall.

Appearance and ergonomics

Small size, small capacity. Perhaps the biggest drawback with the EdgeStar CWD1510W is that its 2.0 cubic foot capacity can be strained under the load of a normal family -- something that's only heightened by its slow performance. Otherwise, like similar combos, the overall look resembles a front-load washer, only smaller with its 24-inch width. The low height (33 1/6 inches) might make loading and unloading the machine uncomfortable for some. You don't need a vent at your installation location, but you will need other utilities including electricity (120 volts), water, and drainage (a standpipe, laundry sink or floor drain). The company offers a "portability kit" (Est. $60) which consists of castors and faucet adaptors. The CWD1510W comes in white, but is also offered in silver as the EdgeStar CWD1510S (Est. $1,100). The functionally identical Midea MFL70 D1211S (Est. $900) comes in white only.


Just the basics. There are few bells and whistles included with the EdgeStar CWD1510W. You will find seven wash cycles and two dry-only cycles, including a 50-minute timed cycle. You can also add options such as dry time or an extra rinse to most wash cycles, and save a modified wash cycle as a custom cycle. The tub is polyurethane, not stainless steel or porcelain. There is no moisture sensor.

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The EdgeStar CWD1510W and its Midea MFL70 D1211S clone end up in the fifth spot in Jaroslav Podhradsky's list of the ten best washer-dryer combos. Of the two, he gives the slight edge to the EdgeStar version based on better support and a silver color choice; price is also mentioned as an advantage, but that's no longer true based on current retail. The review, however, is based on internet feedback and Podhradsky's evaluation of the combo's features rather than rigorous hands-on testing.

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LivingDirect.com, and its CompactAppliance.com subsidiary, is the authorized online seller of EdgeStar products in the U.S. The EdgeStar CWD1510W draws a rating of 4 stars following almost 35 reviews, with 85 percent of owners saying that they would recommend the washer-dryer combo to a friend. Complaints largely revolve around the time it takes to complete a load of laundry, and that drying can be somewhat less than complete.

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Amazon.com hosts the most reviews for this washer-dryer combo, primarily for the Midea MFL70 D1211S version. It gets a rating of 4.3 stars following more than 50 reviews. While the majority of owners are completely to mostly satisfied, a variety of complaints do surface -- ranging from defective machines to long dry times to a manual that doesn't provide enough information. The EdgeStar CWD1510W is listed and reviewed separately, but draws a very mixed reception following less than 20 reviews. About half are pleased, the other half also complain about long cleaning cycles and incomplete cycles, as well as issues revolving around customer service and repairs.

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