LG WM3477HW Review

Est. $1,500
August 2014
by ConsumerSearch
LG WM3477HW Review

Best washer-dryer combo

  • No venting needed
  • Compact
  • Good washing performance
  • Lots of features
  • Dryer performance is only okay
  • Pricey
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Bottom line

You'll need to accept some compromises with the LG WM3477HW (Est. $1,500), but it does a good job washing clothes and an adequate job drying them. It's narrower than a standard washer, and because the drying features don't require a vent, this combo can go where standard dryers don't dare. It's as feature packed as some separate washers and dryers, but you pay for those extras.

Breaking it down


Good washing, fair drying. There is virtually no feedback as of yet for the LG WM3477HW. However, WasherDryerCombz.com notes that except for a few minor updates, it is identical to the LG WM3455HW (Est. $1,500) -- a well-regarded washer-dryer combo that has begun disappearing at retail. Based on that, we expect the WM3477HW to perform similarly. That is to say that the WM3477HW will do a good job getting clothes clean, but as is typical for the category, dryer performance will be slow and lackluster. That's a direct result of the ventless design, which uses a condenser to remove moisture from clothes and drain it away as water. Expect the combo to take some time to do its work, and even then for clothes to be slightly damp. The 2.3 cubic-cubic foot capacity is on the small side for a washer, and very small for a dryer.

Appearance and ergonomics

Looks like a front-load washer. At first glance, it's easy to think that the LG WM3477HW is simply a compact front-load washer, with its 24-inch width, glass door and front-mounted controls. At only 33.5 inches high, some might find stooping down to load and unload clothing to be a pain in the back, and the machine is not stackable nor is a matching pedestal offered. While you won't need a way to vent the combo to the outside, you will need other standard washer connections, including a water supply and some way to drain the machine (a standpipe, laundry sink or floor drain). Only a 120 volt electric line is required. The WM3477HW comes in white. If you want something jazzier, the LG WM3477HS (Est. $1,600) is the same washer-dryer combo in silver.


Nicely equipped. While most laundry centers are bare bones, this washer-dryer combo has a surprising number of features. Most significant is a moisture sensor, something critics say is important to prevent over drying and to save energy (however, this combo is not Energy Star qualified). There's also LG's SmartDiagnosis technology, which makes it easier for LG techs to troubleshoot your appliance remotely, either via telephone or a smartphone app. The direct drive motor is covered under a 10 year warranty (the standard one-year warranty applies to the rest of the machine). The wash/dry basket is stainless steel. You'll find nine wash program along with a number of options -- sufficient to handle most washing tasks. The dryer has four sensor programs, along with three options for timed manual drying.

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1. WasherDryerComboz.com

Though the lack of available user reviews gives him pause, Jaroslav Podhradsky notes that with minor exceptions, the LG WM3477HW is identical to the LG WM3455HW that he names as the best washer-dryer combo at the time of this review. "It has the best features, reliability (according to users who shared their experiences all over the internet) and still not expensive," he says of the WM3455HW, which has become hard to find at retail.

Review: LG WM3455HW, Jaroslav Podhradsky, Not Dated

2. TopTenReviews.com

Once again, this site looks at the now harder-to-find LG WM3455HW rather than the LG WM3477HW, but based on their similarities, the comments should apply equally. This review does not contain any ratings, nor is there any sign of testing, but instead seems based on features. It calls the combo one of the best choices for many homes.

Review: LG WM3455HW, Editors of TopTenReviews.com, Not Dated

3. HomeDepot.com

At the time of this report, HomeDepot.com was one of the few major retailers to show availability for the LG WM3455HW -- which is identical to the LG WM3477HW in most respects. Feedback is solid, with a 4.3 rating following more than 90 reviews. Some reliability problems crop up, but most complaints revolve along long cycle times and less than perfect drying. No reviews have yet been posted for the LG WM3477HW.

Review: LG Electronics Model # WM3455HW 2.3 cu. ft. Washer and Electric Ventless Dryer in White, Contributors to HomeDepot.com, As of August 2014

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