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Washer-Dryer Combos: Ratings of Sources

Total of 14 Sources
1. LivingDirect.com
As of March 2012
Laundry: Combo Washer Dryers
by Contributors to LivingDirect.com
Our AssessmentOnline appliance retailer LivingDirect.com is an online store that sells several washer-dryer combos, but no laundry centers. We found a surprisingly large volume of user reviews for some models, most notably the LG WM3987HW, which gets an overall rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 from more than 100 owners. The smaller LG WM3455HW and the Haier HWD1600 also receive high overall ratings from about 40 users each. Reviews at this site tend to be fairly lengthy and detailed compared to those at other retail sites.
2. AJMadison.com
As of March 2012
Shop Washers, Dryers and Combos
by Contributors to AJMadison.com
Our AssessmentAJMadison.com is an appliance retailer that lets customers post reviews of washers and dryers. More than 20 stackable washer-dryer units are sold here, but few are reviewed, and those that are receive only a few comments. However, we found two washer-dryer combos -- the LG WM3987HW and LG WM3455HW -- that get relatively good reviews from 20 or more users. AJMadison.com is a good place to compare features and specs of laundry appliances.
3. Which? magazine
As of March 2012
by Editors of Which? magazine
Our AssessmentEditors at Which? magazine, a British consumer publication similar to ConsumerReports.org, test 75 washer-dryer combo models. However, none of the recommended washer-dryer combos is available for American consumers. Still, this article is useful for its comments on reliability of washer-dryer combos in general, in addition to how they stack up against regular washers and dryers. Overall, editors say reliability is poor for these machines: a combination washer-dryer is about twice as likely to need repairs within six years as a stand-alone washer or dryer.
4. Lowes.com
As of March 2012
Combination Washer & Dryer
by Contributors to Lowes.com
Our AssessmentLowes.com sells about a dozen washer-dryers, but few of them have attracted more than a handful of reviews from owners. We found the most reviews for the Whirlpool LTE5243DQ, which gets generally positive comments from about a dozen users.
5. HomeDepot.com
As of March 2012
Laundry & Clothing Care
by Contributors to HomeDepot.com
Our AssessmentHomeDepot.com offers fewer than 10 washer-dryer models for sale through its website, but despite this limited selection, we did find a surprising number of user reviews here. The real standout at this site is the LG WM3987HW washer-dryer combo, which gets good overall ratings from close to 80 users. The GE Spacemaker GTUP270EMWW laundry center is a distant second, with above-average reviews from about two dozen users.
6. ABT.com
As of March 2012
Washers And Dryers
by Contributors to ABT.com
Our AssessmentABT.com sells a limited selection of washer-dryers: about 10 laundry centers and three combo units. Of these, most have few or no reviews. The only model to receive 20 comments or more is the LG WM3987HW washer-dryer combo. This machine earns an overall rating of 4.5 stars of out 5 from users, with praise for its quietness and efficiency.
7. Sears.com
As of March 2012
Specialty Laundry
by Contributors to Sears.com
Our AssessmentSears carries about a dozen laundry centers, plus a few combination washer-dryers. Since Sears is the only place you can buy Kenmore products, this is one of the few places you'll find user reviews of that brand. None of the laundry centers seems a particular standout, with most models receiving only a smattering of reviews and middling average scores. The Kenmore 88752 24-inch laundry center has a 3.5-star average rating in nearly 40 reviews, making it the highest-rated laundry center sold there. Still, there are lots of complaints about durability.
8. Viewpoints.com
As of March 2012
Results for "washer dryer" search
by Contributors to Viewpoints.com
Our AssessmentLike Epinions.com, Viewpoints.com is a user-review website unaffiliated with any particular retailer. A search on "washer dryer" at this site yields several reviews for laundry centers and a few for combination units. Each product is awarded a number rating (out of 100) based on the average score it receives from users. We found a few laundry centers with above-average ratings, but only two of them -- the Kenmore 97912 (now discontinued) and the Whirlpool LTE5243DQ -- have high scores based on a significant number of user reviews.
9. Epinions.com
As of March 2012
Results for Washing Machines > All-in-One Washer / Dryer
by Contributors to Epinions.com
Our AssessmentFinding reviews of washer-dryers at Epinions.com isn't easy. We had to do a complex chain of searches and click-thrus to find the right categories, and once we did, the results were disappointing. Although hundreds of washer-dryer combos and laundry centers are listed here, few receive more than a handful of reviews from users, and those that do get mediocre ratings. We did see good overall ratings for the Frigidaire GLEH1642DS laundry center, but this model is now discontinued.
10. BestBuy.com
As of March 2012
Washers & Dryers
by Contributors to BestBuy.com
Our AssessmentBestBuy.com sells about half a dozen stacked washer-dryers, as well as a couple of combos. However, none of these receives a significant number of reviews. The LG WM3987HW has the best overall score -- 4.6 stars out of a possible 5 -- but it is based on only 10 reviews.
11. Amazon.com
As of March 2012
Washers & Dryers
by Contributors to Amazon.com
Our AssessmentAmazon.com lists several laundry centers and washer-dryer combos, but they are mixed in with accessories and parts. Few have more than three owner reviews, and most have none at all. The LG WM3987HW washer-dryer combo has the most ratings, but it receives lower ratings here than at most other sites. Overall, this washer-dryer earns an average of only 3 stars out of 5 from about around 35 owners, many of whom report durability problems.
12. Buzzillions.com
As of March 2012
Washer Dryer Combo Reviews
by Contributors to Buzzillions.com
Our AssessmentBuzzillions.com compiles owner-written reviews from various online retailers, including BestBuy.com and AJMadison.com. Since this site duplicates reviews from other sites on our source list, we have not counted it as a source for recommendations. However, we have found Buzzillions.com useful for providing a good overall picture of user opinion about specific washer-dryers. The site helps this process by providing a handy list of the most commonly cited pros and cons from user reviews.
13. WashingMachineWizard.com
As of March 2012
Washer Dryer Combo Reviews
by Contributors to Washing-Machine-Wizard.com
Our AssessmentWashing-Machine-Wizard.com has user-submitted reviews for about 15 washer-dryer combos. Most of the models listed here have only one review, however, and there's no differentiation between current and discontinued models. As with similar sites, individual reviews vary from very brief to very detailed.
14. GardenWeb.com
As of March 2012
Laundry Room
by Contributors to GardenWeb.com
Our AssessmentThe extensive forums on GardenWeb.com are an excellent place to visit if you are having a specific problem with a washing machine or dryer, because this site is trafficked by pros and knowledgeable do-it-yourselfers. Sprinkled among the posts are discussions and recommendations for the best machines. While most of the threads here deal with stand-alone washers and dryers, owners of laundry centers and washer-dryer combos also detail their experiences (both good and bad).
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