LG WM8000HVA Review
Bottom Line

Great cleaning performance, high efficiency, lots of features and a moderate price for a front-load machine make the LG WM8000HVA a top pick among experts and users. Unless you really like the graphite steel finish, the otherwise identical LG WM8000HWA (Est. $1,150) in white will save you a few bucks.

ProsExcellent cleaning performance, Top water and energy efficiency, Lots of features, Good capacityConsA little slow

Breaking it down


A top performer. Experts have few quibbles when it comes to the cleaning prowess of the LG WM8000HVA/WM8000HWA. It earns a rating of Excellent in washing performance by one independent product review organization. At Reviewed.com, tester Jonathan Chan concurs, saying, "The Whites cycle showed the greatest promise. Yet, all across the board, this washing machine's core cycles performed at or beyond average." Owners agree, giving the WM8000HVA some of the highest ratings we see for any washer in this class. Numerous users express surprise over how well this washer can clean considering how little water it seems to use. Speed is a bit of an issue, and reviewers report that this LG washer takes a bit longer to complete a load than some other machines. There's a TurboWash option designed to cut washing time, and it's effective in doing so, taking about 48 minutes to complete a cycle. With a total capacity of 5.1 cubic feet, the WM8000HVA is plenty large enough for just about any job.


Top efficiency. The LG WM8000HVA and the identical except for color LG WM8000HWA provide excellent efficiency, reviewers agree. Reviewed.com estimates that based on national averages for electricity and water, the washer will have an annual running cost of $30. It's also Energy Star Certified.


Pretty packed. In addition to the TurboWash option, LG incorporates SmartDiagnosis into the WM8000HVA, which allows for remote diagnosis of operating issues over the phone or via a smartphone app, with the goal of speeding up troubleshooting and perhaps eliminating the need for a service call. Steam technology is designed to help lift out tough dirt and odors. Cold Clean is designed to deliver the best cold water washing performance -- on a par with warm-water washing, reviewers say. With 14 washing programs, and 12 washing options, five spin settings (including no spin) and five soil level settings, most users will find the right combination for any laundry challenge.


Stick with white, and watch for sales. The LG WM8000-series is a mid-priced front-load washer with performance and features that shine in its class. Most reviewers look at the platinum steel WM8000HVA version, but, unless that color is a must, the all-white WM8000HWA will save you some money. This washer also gets high marks for removing more water from clothes during the spin cycle, which will save time and energy when the load goes through the dryer.

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The platinum steel WM800HVA earns both Editors' Choice and Best of the Year honors here, with an overall rating of 9.9. "Cleaning performance was great, and energy efficiency was even better, says Jonathan Chan. The price tag and the dimensions of this 5.1 cubic-foot washer are the only downsides noted.

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