Samsung WF56H9100AG Review

Samsung WF56H9100AG Review
Bottom Line

If you are doing the wash for a very large family, or a small neighborhood, the Samsung WF56H9100AG washer should be at the top of your list. It's highly efficient, loaded with helpful features, and does a good job cleaning clothes. Its 5.6 cubic foot capacity is the largest of any residential washer, but this enormous washer might be a tight fit in some laundry rooms, and will likely be overkill for most families

ProsQuiet, Cleans clothes well, Very high efficiency, Feature packed, Highest capacity residential washerConsLarge footprint

Breaking it down


Mixed opinions. Depending on who you ask, the Samsung WF56H9100AG is a either a good performer or an outstanding one when it comes to getting clothes clean. One expert reviewer calls the washer "impressive at washing." Good Housekeeping judges it to be very good when washing in its normal and quick cycles. The one expert outlier, Jonathan Chan at says that cleaning is only average compared to all other washers, and that it lags behind washers in its price class. Owners, though, are in the former camp, bestowing all kids of superlatives on the WF56H9100AG. Many say it does a great job cleaning even large loads of heavy items, like jeans.


Saves pennies and dollars. When it comes to saving electricity and water, the Samsung WF56H9100AG is a winner. "After you've bought it, the Samsung WF56H9100AG will not continue to strain your bank account," says Chan, who estimates yearly running costs to be $28 (based on national averages for electricity and water rates). The testers at Good Housekeeping note that the washer did a good job of drawing water out of a load of wash, meaning drying time could be reduced. That finding is echoed at, with Chan saying that the WF56H9100AG is the best the site has seen in that regard. The washer is Energy Star Certified.


Lots of extras. The Samsung WF56H9100AG comes nicely equipped. The washer includes steam features, and the testers at Good Housekeeping were especially impressed with Self Clean+, which uses steam to clean the tub to reduce issues with mold, etc. Smart Care is a diagnostic feature that lets you use your smartphone to diagnose and possibly correct problems with the washer. PowerFoam technology helps get bulky items cleaner. Super Speed is the aforementioned quick cycle; most say it works just as well as the normal cycle, and that it helps the washer finish it job in very short order.


Expensive up front, but worth it for large families. If your family is especially large, or if you wash a lot of bulky items, the Samsung WF56H9100AG makes a lot of sense. But for others, it may be a close call. The washer can handle a 28 pound load, but that's 3 1/2 times larger than the typical 8-pound washer load. However, plenty of owners who don't have a lot of time on their hands love that they can do a couple of big loads in one day, rather than having to settle for dibs and dabs as they get to it. Also, operating costs are very low. You can save a little money by opting for the white version, the SamsungWF56H9100AW (Est. $1,200); the WF56H9100AG is onyx (black).

Our Sources


Samsung WF56H9100AG Washing Machine Review , Jonathan Chan , June 11, 2014 grants the Samsung WF56H9100AG an Editors' Choice award and an overall score of 8.5 out of 10. Jonathan Chan questions whether the large washer is a good fit for many families – or many laundry rooms – but adds "If you want to wash as many clothes as possible as quickly as possible, the Samsung WF56H9100AG is for you."

2. Good Housekeeping

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The Samsung WF56H9100AG is a top finisher in Good Housekeeping's May 2014 test of eight front-load washers and four top-loads, earning 4.5 stars out of 5. Testers judged the machine to be below average in gentleness, but were pleased with how well it cleans clothes and how well it removes water from the wash, allowing for faster drying times. SelfClean+ is singled out for being a "unique and useful" feature.


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The Samsung WF56H9100AG draws nearly 60 user reviews and an overall rating of 4.2 stars; 81 percent say they would recommend this washer. The white finish gets equal ratings in about 40 reviews. Owners say the WF56H9100AG is a workhorse, washing large loads of even heavy clothes without a hitch. A couple of outliers rate it low, but there is no particular consistency to their complaints. A few of these reviews were culled from the Samsung website.


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In nearly 210 reviews, all unique to, the Samsung WF56H9100AG earns an impressive overall rating of 4.7 stars out 5; 96 percent of customers would recommend the washer. You can also view about 25 reviews from the Samsung website, which are not factored into the ratings. Owners rave, saying it's quiet, works great even on big loads and cleans very well.