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Washing Machine Rating Sources

Total of 17 Sources
1. ConsumerReports.org
As of June 2012
Washing machines
by Editors of ConsumerReports.org
Our AssessmentThe ConsumerReports.org website lists nearly 70 front-loading and nearly 60 top-loading washers that have been tested by the editors for washing performance, energy efficiency, water efficiency, capacity, gentleness, noise and vibration. Several additional models that have not been tested are also rated based on their similarity to tested models "in performance, features, and specs." Editors also rate major manufacturers on reliability, based on owner-satisfaction reports. Although ConsumerReports.org has the most thorough tests of washing machines, editors provide little analysis on the individual products to accompany their ratings. Also, quite a few of the recommended models are discontinued, especially among top loaders.
2. Good Housekeeping
Last updated April 2011
Washer Reviews
by Editors of the Good Housekeeping Research Institute
Our AssessmentTesters at the Good Housekeeping Research Institute evaluate 26 washing machines -- including front loaders, top loaders and high-efficiency top loaders -- for cleaning power, ease of use and gentleness to clothes. Machines are also rated on their operating costs (water and energy use) and on how much water they extract from clothing to cut drying time. Each washer receives a letter grade, with results ranging from A-minus to C. Overall, front loaders do better in these tests, although a few top loaders receive Bs.
3. Which? magazine
As of June 2012
Washing Machines
by Editors of Which?
Our AssessmentWhich? is a British consumer magazine similar to ConsumerReports.org. Editors have evaluated more than 180 washing machines (almost all of them front loaders) on a variety of factors. All tested models get detailed reviews, and about 50 washers are deemed best buys. However, none of these top picks is available in the U.S. However, this data is still useful for determining general brand performance.
4. Choice magazine
Updated May 8, 2012
Washing Machines Review and Compare
by Matthew Steen
Our AssessmentThis is the website for the Australian Consumers' Association, the Australian equivalent of ConsumerReports.org. Editors test 30 washing machines -- both top loaders and front loaders -- rating each model's performance. Models include several brands familiar to U.S. consumers, such as LG, Fisher & Paykel, Samsung and Whirlpool, but none of the top picks is available in the U.S. As with Which? magazine, this data is useful for determining general brand performance.
5. J.D. Power & Associates
Aug. 3, 2011
Home Appliance Study
by Editors of J.D. Power and Associates
Our AssessmentJ.D. Power and Associates doesn't test individual washing machines; rather, it attempts to gauge overall customer satisfaction with the major appliance brands. This press release summarizes the results of the 2011 Laundry Appliance Satisfaction Study, in which more than 5,600 consumers who have recently purchased washing machines are asked about their overall satisfaction. For the third year in a row, Samsung receives the highest ratings, based on performance, features, style, price, warranty and ease of use. LG, Kenmore Elite and Electrolux also receive high ratings from consumers, while Admiral, Roper and Amana get the lowest overall scores.
6. BestBuy.com
As of June 2012
Washing Machines
by Contributors to BestBuy.com
Our AssessmentBestBuy.com sells about 70 models of front- and top-loading washing machines, and some washers attract a good number of user reviews. The site's star-based rating system makes it easy to see at a glance which washing machines stand out and which models fail to measure up. Several models from LG and Samsung -- including top loaders as well as front loaders -- earn high marks from a significant number of users.
7. AJMadison.com
As of June 2012
by Contributors to AJMadison.com
Our AssessmentAJMadison.com is an online appliance retailer that allows customers to post reviews of washing machines. Finding the best-rated products is easy, as the site allows you to sort by both average star rating and total number of reviews. There are more than 130 washers available here, but only about half of them are reviewed, and most have only a handful of reviews. However, one front loader and one top loader (both from LG) receive a large number of positive reviews.
8. Lowes.com
As of June 2012
by Contributors to Lowes.com
Our AssessmentLowes.com sells about 90 different models of top- and front-loading washing machines, but only a fraction of them receive 25 or more reviews from users. One thing that makes searching reviews on this site a little tricky is that otherwise identical models of different colors are shown on different pages, so you must make sure to check all versions of a given washer to make sure you've seen all the reviews. Overall, we found more reviews here for top loaders than for front loaders. Four front loaders and two top loaders (four from Samsung, two from Maytag) get high ratings with a good selection of reviews.
As of June 2012
Clothes Washers
by Editors of EnergyStar.gov
Our AssessmentEnergy Star is a joint program of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy that is designed to help Americans save money and energy. This site does not review washers, but it does provide a list of Energy Star-compliant washing machines, as well as a handy search tools for finding a model that meets your requirements. A buyer's guide is also included. Although all washers listed here are Energy-Star-compliant, some are more efficient than others; most Samsung and Electrolux models, for instance, exceed the minimum standards for Energy Star-compliance. This is a good site to check out how your washer rates, but unless your only concern is efficiency, this article won't help you choose a specific washer.
10. Consortium for Energy Efficiency
Updated May 15, 2012
Residential Clothes Washers
by Editors of Consortium for Energy Efficiency
Our AssessmentThe Consortium for Energy Efficiency is a nonprofit organization that promotes energy-efficient practices and products. CEE has three tiers of standards for efficient washers, with the lowest tier equivalent to the Energy Star-rating, so it's interesting to cross-reference washing machines here. The list of qualified models is updated monthly, but no specific washers are rated on any aspect other than efficiency.
11. HomeDepot.com
As of June 2012
by Contributors to HomeDepot.com
Our AssessmentHomeDepot.com sells more than 50 washing machines, and many of them receive a significant number of reviews from users -- more than 100 in a few cases. Home Depot has recently added the number of reviews and average star rating for each product to the main listing page, making it much easier to compare washers at a glance. We found four front loaders and six top loaders that receive at least 50 reviews with at least 4 stars overall. Maytag is the best-rated brand here, followed by LG and GE. Two compact top-loaders from Haier also get good ratings.
12. Sears.com
As of June 2012
by Contributors to Sears.com
Our AssessmentNavigating the user reviews on Sears.com can be a time-consuming process. Star ratings can be seen at a glance, but you must click on each item to see how many users have reviewed it. Most of the top-rated products have fewer than 10 reviews each. Also, because each color is listed separately, you must sort through the full list of reviews to pull out all the reviews for washers that are identical except for color. Thus, Sears.com is most useful as a place to look for reviews of a specific model once you have narrowed down your choices. It is also the only source for reviews of Kenmore washing machines.
by Editors of American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy
Our AssessmentThe ACEEE "Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings Online" contains a series of short articles on different ways to save energy at home. This article offers tips on buying a washer or dryer and explains how washer type affects efficiency. The article also includes a few tips for saving energy with any type of washer.
14. ABT.com
As of June 2012
by Contributors to ABT.com
Our AssessmentABT.com is another online appliance retailer that allows customers to post reviews of its products. Although ABT.com sells a good selection of washing machines, few models receive reviews. We did not find any washers at this site with high ratings from a significant number of users.
15. Viewpoints.com
As of June 2012
Washing Machine Reviews
by Contributors to Viewpoints.com
Our AssessmentViewpoints.com can be a little awkward to navigate, but the user review site hosts a good selection of owner-written reviews for washing machines. Although most washers receive only a handful of reviews, several have 50 or more. The GE WCVH6800J front-load washer, for instance, has around 90 reviews, with an average rating of 82 points out of 100. However, many of the products reviewed on this site are now discontinued.
16. Epinions.com
As of June 2012
Washing Machines
by Contributors to Epinions.com
Our AssessmentNearly 1,000 washing machines and accessories are listed at Epinions.com. Most of those receive only a handful of reviews, however, and most of those with significant numbers of reviews receive only average ratings from users. The only two washers we found with a good volume of reviews and high overall ratings were the Frigidaire FWT449 and the Whirlpool GHW9200, both of which are discontinued.
17. Amazon.com
As of June 2012
by Contributors to Amazon.com
Our AssessmentAlthough Amazon.com has a fairly good selection of washing machines, the majority of washers have only a few reviews or none at all. The only washers with a substantial number of reviews are portable models. Thus, this site is not as useful as BestBuy.com or HomeDepot.com in narrowing down your choices, though it may be worth a look if you are interested in a specific washer.
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