CamelBak Better Bottle
CamelBak Better Bottle

Best BPA-free plastic water bottle

CamelBak, a company that's well regarded for its hydration packs, also gets good reviews for its water bottles. The CamelBak Better Bottle is made with BPA-free Tritan copolyester, and the screw top features a bite valve and integrated handle. Most reviewers love the bite valve, since you don't have to tip or squeeze the bottle to drink, but some find it hard to get used to. Overall, the CamelBak Better Bottle gets top ratings for convenience, and it's one of the most inexpensive water bottles preferred by reviewers. The biggest downside to the Better Bottle is leakage -- multiple reviewers say the bottle leaks or squirts when you flip open the bite valve. However, few owners report that this problem persists when the bite valve is closed.
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Klean Kanteen Classic
Klean Kanteen Classic

Best stainless-steel water bottle

Klean Kanteen water bottles are a good choice for those who prefer not to use plastic since they're made from recyclable, food-grade stainless steel, making the chance of BPA contamination nil. Most Klean Kanteen bottles come with a BPA-free polypropylene cap, but you can purchase stainless-steel tops (*Est. $6). While metal water bottles can dent pretty easily, the Klean Kanteen gets high marks for durability -- it even survives being run over by a car in one torture test. Owners say the water bottle resists leaks and is easy to drink from. The biggest complaint about Klean Kanteen bottles is excessive sweating, which can be remedied by investing in an insulation sleeve.
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Specialized Purist
Specialized Purist

Best sports water bottle

Squeezable plastic water bottles are usually preferred for most sporting activities because they're easy to drink from on the go. The Specialized Purist is made from soft, BPA-free polyethylene and is lined with a layer of silicon dioxide, which is said to prevent the bottle from absorbing or leaching flavors into drinks. The Watergate and MoFlow sport tops feature a self-sealing valve that's easy to drink from and can be closed to prevent leakage. Reviewers say the Specialized Purist is the bike bottle all others must aim to beat. The bottle comes in 22-ounce and 26-ounce sizes. On the downside, this bottle is hard to find outside of sporting-goods stores.
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CamelBak Groove
CamelBak Groove

Best water bottle with filter

Self-filtering water bottles are the latest trend. While many designs are still flawed, reviewers and users are most satisfied with the CamelBak Groove. Like the CamelBak Better Bottle, the Groove is made of BPA-free Tritan copolyester, and features a bite valve and straw. The bottle's filter is connected to the straw so it filters as you drink. Reviewers find the CamelBak Groove to be rugged and durable as well as leakproof. There are fewer reports of the filter slowing down water, which is a common complaint about products in this category.
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